Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Government of Lambda has announced that the Foreign Ministry will publish the thirty-four published notes for the LAMBDA FAMILIES IN DIASPORA programme on the Dominion of Lambda blogsite in the near future. Also, additional notes will be added to those already published on the Prime Minister's Facebook page.


Lambda Tory Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Powers, MP, of Toklas Province, will be the acting prime minister during the coronary heart surgery that Mr. Decelles-Smith will undergo next Tuesday, March 9. The prime minister underwent a quadruple CABG in June of 2003. He also is in remission from non-Hodgkins lymphoma since 2008.
In letters addressed to the Governor General, Dr. Lee Dorsey, and the Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Ms. Sandra Lubrano, the transfer of Tory leadership and head of government to Ms. Powers will begin on Tuesday, March 9 and will remain until he leaves the surgical theatre and his recuperation in hospital.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The Right Honourable Dr. Lee Dorsey, Governor General of the Dominion of Lambda, in consultation with the Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith and Leader of the Loyal Opposition Sandra Lubrano, today announced that there are six women and men from Uganda who have been secretly awarded the Order of Lambda , since their lives are in jeopardy due to the Ugandan legislation that would make "homosexuality" a capital crime.
In addition to these six anonymous persons, the Dominion of Lambda has awarded the Order of Lambda, the highest civilian honour, to Mrs. Claire Fauci and to Mrs. Jennifer Litton-Tidd of the United States of America., at the behest of the Tory conference and the Prime Minister. The first such honours were given to Theodore Olson and David Boies, Ms. Perry and Stier, and Messrs. Katami and Zarrillo at the traditional date for the Honours List this year.
In addition, GLBT activists Eric Ross and Mark Desmond of California, and Monica Meyer of Minnesota were also honoured at the request of the Liberal caucus in the House of Commons.
The individual protocols for the presentations will be made available at a later date.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


THE PRIME MINISTER OF LAMBDA, the Right Honourable Raymond Decelles-Smith, flanked by the Right Honourable, Dr. Lee Dorsey, Governor General of Lambda and by the Right Honourable Sandra Lubrano, Leader of the Loyal Opposition, today admonished the Government of Uganda that they stand in opposition to the Ugandan anti-GLBT legislation, and stand in solidarity with the Ugandan GLBT brothers and sisters, and their friends and families who are also in jeopardy with this legislation.
REACTIONARY DOMINIONIST THEOCRATS from the United States of America, where many dual nationals of the Dominion of Lambda live in diaspora, have decided to find proxy nations in which to "dress rehearse" the holocaust they would like to visit upon all GLBT persons worldwide, and especially in the United States of America. These right wing religionists want their beliefs to express the will of all civil and secular governments and the laws they enact. They find that death,by execution, "conversion therapies", or life incarcerations should sentence all our brothers and sisters, and our families and friends who conceal and harbour us should also receive long years of incarceration.
Of course, the Government of Lambda will break all "virtual diplomatic ties" with the Government of Uganda, and have instructed our subsaharan African ambassador, the Honourable Pierre LeRoux, of the Union of South Africa, to notify all parties, and to express to our Ugandan brothers and sisters, their families and friends, our solidarity and our deep love and affection.

Monday, March 1, 2010


The Governor General of Lambda, Ms. Lee Dorsey, representing HM the Queen, has awarded the Order of Lambda to Ms. Wendy Leigh, a dual national of the Dominion of Lambda and the United States of America, for her work in the promotion of essential Human Rights in the nation of Uganda.

The former British colony and Commonwealth member underwent many different reactionary governments and dictatorships in its short history of independence, including the horrific Idi Amin of several decades past. Now, of course, the Right Wing totalitarian theocrats, the FAMILY has convinced right wing reactionary Ugandans to issue a death sentence to all our GLBT brothers and sisters, and long periods of incarceration for family and friends who protect them.

The Protocol reads in part: " The international efforts on behalf of Ugandan GLBT brothers and sisters does honour to the many citizens of the Dominion of Lambda living abroad. As a member of LAMBDA FAMILIES IN DIASPORA, Ms. Leigh has worked diligently to both inform and to make all freedom and equality loving men and women around the world aware of the atrocities awaiting our families living in exile. It is for this reason, that upon the request of the Prime Minister, Mr. Decelles-Smith, and the Leader of the Loyal Opposition, Ms. Lubrano, that the Order of Lambda, the highest honour awarded by this virtual nation, be awarded to Ms. Wendy Leigh, of this nation and the United States of America."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Lambda Parliament today unanimously passed a resolution to form the
as a means of organising and protecting GLBT/LGBT families worldwide from serious oppression including lifetime incarceration and capital punishment.
Some nations are so malevolent and cruel as to imprison family and friends who harbour our GLBT brothers and sisters for up to a decade. The Government sadly noted that the United States of America is also considered a " nation of continued concern" for its strong reactionary wing, both secular and theocratic, who are intent on denying Marriage Equality rights for our families, many of whom hold dual nationality with us, and are therefore accurately identified as "Lambda Families in Diaspora." Moreover, the Lambda government and opposition leader both noted that reversals by referenda has been successful in the United States to thwart both legislative and judicial decisions to grant full marriage equality and a host of other civil rights legislation.
The prime minister and opposition leader noted with sadness that the Government of the United States under President Barack H. Obama is equally unwilling to become the "fierce advocate" that he promised during the campaign despite his pragmatic centrist politics and policies. " This reality causes us to express our intent to protect dual nationals of the US and Lambda in the event that the Supreme Court of the United States permanently adjudicates in favour of reactionary laws that codify the inferior rights of GLBT Americans."
Interested individuals are asked to become followers of the DOMINION OF LAMBDA website and work toward developing pro bono contingency plans. It is expected that the Perry, Stier, Katami and Zarrillo v Schwarzenegger lawsuit will proceed from district court to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and is expected to reach the Supreme Court by the 2012 session.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Tory government, with much support from the Liberal opposition bench, today suggested some goals to create both immigration to the Dominion of Lambda, and the formation of international embassies throughout the world with the intent to find safe sovereign territories in which to act and to have protection from homophobic nations.
Prime Minister Decelles-Smith and Opposition Leader Lubrano met in a show of support for the many Lambdans in diaspora and in distress to the point where they fear for their very lives.
In the Marriage Equality nations, eight and growing, and in some EU nations where federal partnership rights trump true equality, there is support for the Lambdan nation. In the USA, it is clear that the Perry v Schwarzenegger lawsuit will either produce marriage equality or lay the groundwork for a right wing push for recriminalisation and worse.
In order for the American GLBT/LGBT community to have a unified voice to speak to asylum in other nations, they will require a strong coalition already in place for the world's nations to reply to a group rather than to individuals or couples.
The best legal strategists suppose that the federal and appeals court will happen this year or early the next, and that the SCOTUS will entertain this topic during their Oct 2011-2012 session.