Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Most Reverend Elizabeth Rowen-Leigh , Archbishop of Jamestown, and Primate of the Anglican Church of Lambda, today joined other Lambda hierarchs in condemning the Ugandan government new genocide law against GLBT persons in their country, with the open complicity of the "Family" and other homophobic American fundamentalist cults, and the silent support of such groups as the Roman Catholic Church and the uberconservative and homophobic segment of Anglicanism, led worldwide by the "Anglican antipope", Dr. Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Lagos, Nigeria.
The Anglican Church of Lambda is not a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, but has sacramental intercommunion with the more liberal communions within Anglicanism, or at least tacit support for its virtual existence as an expression of Anglican faith and practice. The Anglican body ordains women to all grades of Holy Orders, and yet, has the sensitivity to ordain male bishops in a strict line of male Anglican Apostolic Succession with Old Catholic lineage or Anglo-Catholic witness. This group is led by the coadjutor archbishop of Jamestown, Dr. Mark Upson-Downey.
Archbishop Rowen-Leigh is also a member of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches and helped author, along with all religious leaders, a reply to the so-called Manhattan Declaration in NY, USA, called the Jamestown Proclamation. " There are now several women Anglican primates, and this offends those who are equally homophobic. The two implosive issues that inform most schisms have credence with those who see the Church imbued with the sins of homophobia and patriarchalism. Both are a stench in the nostrils of Christ, who sees no difference in the sexes as relates to Christian witness, either in the pew or the pulpit." " The integrity of the Eucharist is not compromised by our feminine hands."
" The silent complicity of all Christians to this Ugandan genocide will rank among those Churches, especially Roman Catholicism, who stood silent while proof of Hitler's Holocaust was evident without question during WWII. It seems that for some Churches, who have witnessed theocratic rule under fascist and totalitarian governments, never cease to both support and appease their nefarious strategies."

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