Friday, October 30, 2009


As Monday, November 2, 2009 approaches, the Tory government leaked several pieces of legislation that the Throne Speech will include for consideration by the lst Parliament.

Prime Minister Decelles-Smith's office released several important topics for the House of Commons to consider in the next few weeks.

The topics leaked in this memo suggested that the progressive Tories would introduce the single payer health care programme in the first session.
Liberal Leader Sandra Lubrano, of Toklas Province indicated her general support of the proposed Tory measure, but suggested that it did not fully address the needs of the potential GLBT immigrants throughout the world streaming into Lambda.

The memo suggested that the Environmental Protection provisions, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Power, of Toklas Province will be uppermost in the government's programmes. Shadowing for the Opposition is Liberal Deputy Leader Pall Heinar Einarrson, of Wilde Province who has focused intently on polar ice cap melting. Mr. Einarrson, of Wilde Province is a dual national of Iceland (Island).

Provincial legislative elections are also part of serious legislation before the House next week. There is the provision, set forth by the government, to create a bicameral legislature, to mirror the federal, which will be a closed vote of the House. Liberal Leader of the Opposition Sandra Lubrano has made no secret of her preference for a unicameral provincial legislature with an appointed body led by the lieutenant governor of the province who functions under the Governor General. She has often indicated that a Liberal government, if elected, would push for these and other reforms.

Other provisions are laws supporting family issues for both opposite and same-sex couples in the nation. The Tories are committed to creating a climate of co-operation between the two populations who are often related to one another. Many opposite-sex couples and heterosexual singles are either children or friends and family of pioneer GLBT citizens of the nation. The speech will centre around issues of adoption and surrogacy provisions that have international implications.

"This Government has been charged with the initial formation of the infrastructure.....economic, political and spiritual of the Dominion of Lambda......with a strong constitutional separation of church and state, we nevertheless are charged to create a climate of security and stability for all our citizens", stated the prime minister at his weekly press conference, and will translate into Question Time during the House of Commons sessions next week.

Question Time is every Wednesday, and is the time when the Prime Minister fields questions from Members of both the Government (Conservative) party and Members Opposite (Liberal), most especially by the Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Ms. Sandra Lubrano. On Thursday, it is the turn of Ministers with Portfolios and questions especially from the Shadow Ministers Opposite.

Sources close to the Prime Minister suggest that more leaked information might be forthcoming before the Monday opening of Parliament.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Governor General of Lambda, speaking for the Sovereign of the Order of Lambda, HM, the Queen, reminded both Prime Minister Decelles-Smith and Opposition Leader Lubrano that this week was the last week to nominate Lambda citizens for the first Honours List and awarding of the Order of Lambda for significant contributions to the virtual formation of the Dominion of Lambda within the Commonwealth.
The first Order of Lambda recipients will be awarded by the Governor General upon recommendation of the Prime Minister and his Tory government, with imput from the Liberal Opposition Leader on New Year's Day, 2010.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tory Prime Minister Raymond S. Decelles-Smith met today with the Governor General, Mrs. Lee Dorsey, MD, to prepare the Opening of the First Parliament next week.
Liberal Leader of the Opposition Sandra Lubrano held a press conference where she promised initial co-operation with the Conservative government " as far as we Liberals can reach common ground where our nation's growth and development are concerned." But Ms. Lubrano was clear that her intention was to form a Liberal government in the future, and promote the party principles in this country.
The First Parliament will convene, on Tuesday, October 27 at 10 AM. The time-honoured tradition of Black Rod knocking on the door of the House of Commons will be observed. The Speaker and the House of Commons are invited to listen to the Throne Speech, delivered from the Lambda Senate. The Tory government writes the speech delivered by the Governor General of Lambda, representing HM, the Queen in her constitutional role as Queen of Lambda.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Leader of the Loyal Opposition Sandra Lubrano and her wife were official representatives of the Dominion of Lambda at the United States March on Washington, DC last weekend.
Tory Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith, Member of Parliament from Wilde Province's 11th Riding and his husband and son were unable to attend due to the prime minister's and son's bout with the H1N1 influenza.
The Liberal Party leader and Member of Parliament from Toklas Province's 7th Riding reported her observations to the Parliament and to the People of Lambda, and also during an audience with Lambda's Governor General, Dr. Mrs. Lee Dorsey.


Prime Minister Raymond S. Decelles-Smith today asked Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Power to accept the Ministry of Environmental Protection portfolio and represent the Dominion of Lambda with UN and international efforts to protect the global environment.
" As an honourably discharged Vietnam era veteran, I have seen the ravages of war on both soldiers and civilians, and what chemical defoliants have done to the world environment. The loss of jungles in Southeast Asia, South America, and in subsaharan Africa have managed in a few brief decades to melt the Polar Ice Caps and remove snow-peaks from the world's highest mountain tops. More than weapons of mass destruction, the carbon emissions from every human being, and from an increasingly industrialised world, are reasons for both action and concern. "
The Toklas Province Conservative MP was elected deputy Tory leader, and upon forming the government was named deputy prime minister. This additional ministerial portfolio was gratefully accepted by her as she brings her strong passion for this internationally important issue, as well as in Lambda itself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Her Grace, The Right Honourable and the Most Reverend Elizabeth Rowan-Leigh, Archbishop of Jamestown was consecrated a bishop in Anglican Apostolic Succession today. The ceremony was delayed until after the US March on Washington . The principal consecrator and co-consecrators are noted Anglican bishops worldwide with liberal theological perspectives concerning the ordination of women to Holy Orders and specifically the episcopate.
The ability to accept that the Sacrament of Marriage extends to all Lambda's Anglicans was necessary. At this time, the principal consecrator, a woman bishop, and two co-consecrators, two male bishops, held their names "in pectore and in camera" pending the acceptance of the Anglican Church of Lambda as an associate member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion...despite the fact that the Episcopal Church in the USA and the Anglican Church of Canada has a liberal view on these matters.
In order not to create schism within the Church, the conservative Anglo-Catholics, who are liberal only on sexual theological issues on marriage, but do not accept the ordination of women and maintain an all-male clergy, had a separate consecratory ordination following the ordination of Archbishop Rowan-Leigh.
The Right Honourable and the Most Reverend Mark Upson-Downey was consecrated by gay but conservative Anglo-Catholic bishops and Old Catholic and Catholic Apostolic bishops as co-consecrators. The principal consecrator is also " in pectore and in camera" and is a renowned Anglo-Catholic Anglican bishop of a sister Anglican church, although not yet in communion with the Church of Lambda. Unlike Archbishop Rowan-Leigh, there are no women within the Apostolic Succession of Archbishop Upson-Downey. Later, Archbishop Upson-Downey was installed as the Coadjutor Archbishop with right of succession.
Under synodal agreement, the two major archbishops will be a liberal female and a conservative male, who will rotate the primacy and coadjutor archdiocesan responsibilities. This Anglican compromise mirrors the Lambda National Catholic Church, a liberal archdiocese, with the conservative Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda in communion with it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Liberal Leader of the Opposition Sandra Lubrano today announced the shadow members who will function during the first Parliament and the first Tory government led by Prime Minister Raymond S. Decelles-Smith.
In the agreement reached by both parties, Governor General, Dr. Lee Dorsey announced that she would call upon Mr. Decelles-Smith to form the first elected government a few weeks earlier than planned.
This government will be charged to form a government from 15 October 2009 to elections no later than for the dissolution of Parliament no later than six months from 1 November 2009.
The provisional government will resign on the stroke of midnight on Thursday, and received by the Governor General for the Crown.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The Electoral Commission declared that since the initial candidates are unopposed, that the formal election will be held on October 15, 2009, adding two weeks to the initial six month term for the prospective Conservative (Tory) Government.
Tory Leader and prospective Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Raymond S. Decelles-Smith, today named the thirty (30) men and women that will hold the Tory majority in the Lambda Senate, the appointed upper chamber.
In discussions with the Liberal Leader and prospective Leader of the Loyal Opposition, the Right Honourable Sandra Lubrano, it is understood at press time that she will present to the Governor General, the Right Honourable Dr. , Mrs. Lee Dorsey, with the names of the twenty (20) men and women who will form the Liberal minority in the Lambda Senate, the appointed upper chamber.
The thirty (30) Tory senators-designate are fifteen men and fifteen women:
1. Jane Ellison-Danforth, of Toklas 2. Ellen Arkensen-Harolsen, of King 3. Norma Alice Baker, of Toklas 4. Jeanne Louise Dufour, of Toklas 5. Marie Jeanne Gauvin, of Toklas 6. Roberta Greene-Olson, of Toklas 7. Frances Millstone-Ward, of Toklas 8 Georgette LeBlanc, of King
9. Rachel Cohen-Saperstein, of Toklas 10. Sarah Stein Meyerson, of Toklas 11. Louise Roy, of Toklas 12. Simone Louise Denault, of Toklas 13. Marguerite Pincince, of Toklas 14. Darlene Sadwin, of King 15. Farah Wilson-Patterson, of King.
1. Ernest Brouillette, of Wilde 2. Rene Doucette, of Wilde 3. Pierre Desrosiers, of Wilde 4. Paul Andre Cote-Huron, of Wilde 5. Roger Stone, of Wilde 6. Arthur Duhamel, of Wilde 7. Martin de Paul, of Wilde 7. Alistair Townsend-Roth, of Wilde 8. Roger Campbell-O'Donnell, of Wilde 9. Albert Violette-Dumas, of Wilde 10. Herve Duval, of Wilde 11. Raymond Pierrot, of Wilde 12. Robert Pryhoda, of Wilde 13. Donald Bruneau, of Wilde 14. Maurice Burelle, of Wilde 15. Yvon Marcillat, of Wilde.
The prospective Prime Minister will announce his Ministerial appointments in the coming days.

Friday, October 2, 2009


The Lambda National Catholic Church and the uniate Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda Synod of Bishops is an autocephalous Catholic Church independent and without any connexion whatsoever with the Roman Catholic Church.
In fact, the Dominion of Lambda has clearly noted that the Roman Catholic Church's own doctrinal and disciplinary positions make it impossible for that particular church, and other homophobic Christian denominations, from legally operating within the Dominion of Lambda. To that end, the Roman Catholics, both liberal and conservative theologically, met and created a new jurisdiction, the Lambda National Catholic Church and its very conservative diocese, the Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda, as a uniate church in communion with it.
The LNCC ordains women to all grades of Holy Orders, from deacon and priest to bishop. All clergy are either married or celibate. The LNCC has one archdiocese in Wilde Province, with a diocese in Toklas and in King Province. The Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda is headquartered in Jamestown, Wilde and has parishes in all three provinces. Men alone serve in all three grades of Holy Orders, and can marry, but only celibate men or widowers may become bishops following the Orthodox polity. The diocese also has a Uniate Byzantine Catholic Apostolic parish in Jamestown.
Archbishop Norbert Breault, Archbishop of Jamestown and Primate of the Church, asked all Lambda National Catholics to pray for the victims of Roman Catholic paedophile scandals, and for the current scandal involving the Roman Catholic Church in Canada. Canada is one of our eight nations with full marriage equality, and was persecuted by the Roman Catholic hierarchy, including the bishop who has been indicted and charged with child pornography and who presided over a diocese with over CAD$15M in lawsuit damages paid by average Roman Catholic families. Archbishop Breault again reiterated the valid Catholic presence in Lambda with the independent Catholic Church in Lambda.
The full text of his remarks stems from the Gospel of Saint Matthew, the eighteenth chapter beginning at the sixth verse:
"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18, 6 King James Version, New Testament, Christian Bible."
As a Protestant of the English Reformation, with a strong influence of Catholic faith and practice, unadulterated by the heretical influences of the Church of Rome, I am incensed to the point of paralysis in reading about the Canadian Roman Catholic bishop accused and indicted by the Canadian government of possession of child pornography.
Ironically, it was this bishop charged by the Canadian Church to personally arrange for fifteen millions of dollars to compensate victims of child abuse by his priests in his Nova Scotia diocese. Incidentally, observant and practicing Catholic families donated those millions of dollars to their Church who in turn, betrayed those families in the most cruel and irreparable fashion. When I couple this fact, with the way in which they harm good gay and lesbian same sex persons, couples and families, my anger is both justifiable and intense.
According to the CBC, and the ADVOCATE, Bishop Raymond Lahy, 69, resigned his diocese on Saturday and has disappeared. Rumours as to his whereabouts include the allegation of criminal collusion by the Roman Catholic Church itself. His resignation from his diocese was accepted, but the sacramental process has begun to inhibit him from the exericse of his episcopate, and including his priestly faculties. His formal deposition from both the episcopate and the priesthood would occur, pro se, upon his conviction in a secular court.The canonical court would be summoned statim, and the deposition would occur with breakneck speed.
To add to the anger that every Christian feels, especially mothers and fathers of children, a United Nations spokesman for the Vatican, and presumably for the Bishop of Rome, Dr. Josef Ratzinger, told the world press that the " majority of child abusers are Protestants." That is not only a lie, Dr. Ratzinger, but a damnable lie. The historical hypocrisy of the Church of the Babylonian Captivity knows no shame.
The history of the Roman Catholic Church is well documented for two millenia, and the murders, tortures and sexual perversions of the Mother Church of Christianity is documented and known to all ecclesial scholars. The Reformation was the result of the initial corruption, and now as the third millenium begins, a second reformation is clearly indicated.
There are differences between observant and cultural Roman Catholics, but it could be argued that eight out of ten Christians in the world are Roman Catholics, or Uniate Catholics in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. No other Church - Greek Orthodox Churches in or out of communion with the Phanar - Anglicans - Old Catholics - Lutherans - Calvinists - Methodists - Presbyterians or thousands of other modern groups calling themselves Christians - has been highlighted as having a pandemic level crisis as had the Church of Rome. On its face, and considering the historical evidence, the charge by the Vatican is both spurious and malevolently disingenuous.
As a person who has done extensive graduate study of comparative theology and ecclesial history, the history of the Roman Catholic Church has been written many times by Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox scholars. The history of the Church's scandals invite an in-depth study into the seven deadly sins visited upon the good and holy persons by the most evil and wicked antithesis of Christ ever conceived and born of woman. The most horrific of these individuals have worn the triple tiara of the Roman Papacy, or made claims to that throne, often two or three simultaneously.
You name the vile behaviours.....murder, rape of adults and children, torture and starvation......not only in this century but corruption spanning centuries that brought about the revolt ....the needed revolt that spawned the Reformation.....and if history is prologue, it is time for the Church as a whole, and the Roman Catholic Church among others, to stop the spiritual violence and scapegoating of moral and decent persons in order to translate and transfer the discussion from vile, felonious and criminal acts of these immoral Catholic bishop and priest perverted felons to the innocent victims, the GLBT community.
Dr. Lahey needs to surrender NOW and stop the additional pain inflicted upon his many victims, for he shares his priests' criminality. If convicted, Dr. Lahey needs to spend the rest of his life in prison, never to be allowed near one of our precious children.
The Roman Catholic Church in Canada owes the GLBT Canadian community an apology for their vile acts against us. Thank God for the Protestant Churches who stand and have stood with Canadian Christians, and Canadian citizens regardless of belief.
The Roman Catholic Church of Maine, literally neighbours of Maritime Canada, must and should be put on notice. Dr. Malone, acting on orders from Dr. Ratzinger himself, must stop the spiritual violence and the secular and civil campaign against the rights of civil marriage for Maine's citizens. Same-sex couples with children must be protected from your Church in many different ways too numerous to mention here.
Catholic canon law forbids divorce, yet you do not engage and campaign against that civil discordance with your beliefs. Their selective and capricious decision to attack the GLBT community is informed by their secular homophobia camouflaging their theological proscriptions in contravention of modern science and Christian liberal sexual theology. Those Churches affirm the sanctity of same-sex unions, and partner with secular allies in proclaiming the civil and legal rights of all Maine GLBT citizens.
It would be my hope that Maine's newspapers make the story of Dr. Lahey, the former Bishop of Nova Scotia, known to Maine's Catholics and other anti-GLBT and same sex family theocratic organisations. Maine's Roman Catholics are a heterogeneous faith community. Many Maine Catholics support the GLBT community and fight for our rights.
However, those who have heard Bishop Malone should ask him about Bishop Lahey next door, and ask him one simple question......Among the Catholic hierarchy, as a Catholic parent with young children, who can I trust? Is it that wonderful gay or lesbian couple with their lovely children needing marriage equality, or is it the Roman Catholic bishops voicing their malevolent views on morality and ethics?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The Lambda Electoral Commission met in private session last night with the leaders of both the Liberal and Conservative Parties to determine whether or not the election of 150 members of the new House of Commons - all without contest due to the number of candidates - should not occur on Tuesday, October 2, 2009.
The results being known in advance, it will allow the Electoral Commission to certify that the Conservatives have won election to form a government and that the Liberals are in loyal opposition.
The Governor General of Lambda can then call Mr. Decelles-Smith to form a government early, and to take office as prime minister on October 15, rather than November 1 as previously stated. The six month term will be extended for the first parliament only, and the term, a vote of no confidence notwithstanding, will end as previously noticed, on May 1, 2010.
In the two subsequent weeks, Tory Prime Minister Decelles-Smith will confer with Liberal Leader of the Loyal Opposition Sandra Lubrano to request the names of the 20 Liberals she would like appointed to the Lambda Senate, to join the 30 Tory senators he will appoint. Senators in Lambda will serve by appointment and vacancies will be filled by the current government. There are 50 senators in the Lambda Senate.
The majority of party MP's will also determine who will appoint a provisional premier for the provinces...Wilde, Toklas and King Provinces. Information from Parliament Hill in Jamestown will be published as soon as the information is received.