Thursday, October 1, 2009


The Lambda Electoral Commission met in private session last night with the leaders of both the Liberal and Conservative Parties to determine whether or not the election of 150 members of the new House of Commons - all without contest due to the number of candidates - should not occur on Tuesday, October 2, 2009.
The results being known in advance, it will allow the Electoral Commission to certify that the Conservatives have won election to form a government and that the Liberals are in loyal opposition.
The Governor General of Lambda can then call Mr. Decelles-Smith to form a government early, and to take office as prime minister on October 15, rather than November 1 as previously stated. The six month term will be extended for the first parliament only, and the term, a vote of no confidence notwithstanding, will end as previously noticed, on May 1, 2010.
In the two subsequent weeks, Tory Prime Minister Decelles-Smith will confer with Liberal Leader of the Loyal Opposition Sandra Lubrano to request the names of the 20 Liberals she would like appointed to the Lambda Senate, to join the 30 Tory senators he will appoint. Senators in Lambda will serve by appointment and vacancies will be filled by the current government. There are 50 senators in the Lambda Senate.
The majority of party MP's will also determine who will appoint a provisional premier for the provinces...Wilde, Toklas and King Provinces. Information from Parliament Hill in Jamestown will be published as soon as the information is received.

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