Friday, December 25, 2009


The Governor General and the Prime Minister's offices announced that the first recipients of the ORDER OF LAMBDA will be announced on Monday, January 4, 2010.
Christmas Day and Boxing Day, namely December 25 and December 26, are national holidays in the Dominion of Lambda.
Government offices, both federal and provincial, are officially closed until Monday, January 4, 2010.


The video of HM, the Queen's Christmas Speech is viewed from this video feed from The Royal Channel . The Queen speaks to the Nation and the Commonwealth.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Governor General, Ms. Lee Dorsey, today expressed, in advance of HM, the Queen's Christmas Day Message, best wishes for all Lambda citizens worldwide, and for all nations and peoples who both honour and defend the existence of the GLBT state.

HM, the Queen's Christmas Message will be both on video and in written form for the Christmas Day and Boxing Day holiday.


The Deputy Leader of the Loyal Opposition, Mr. Pall Heinar Einarsson, today joined other Lambda leaders in expressing his best wishes of the Holiday Season to Lambda citizens here and in diaspora.


The Leader of the Loyal Opposition, Ms. Sandra Lubrano today expressed her best wishes for the Holiday Season for Lambda citizens here and throughout the virtual world.


The Prime Minister of Lambda, Mr. Raymond Decelles-Smith and the Deputy Prime Minister of Lambda, Ms. Carolyn Power wish to express their best wishes for the Holiday Season.


Tory Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith notified the Governor General and the Leader of the Loyal Opposition that the Government has announced a special session of Parliament for the following dates in 2009.
The dates that the Parliament will be in session during the holiday recess is December 21-23 and again December 27-30, 2009.
Lambda celebrates Christmas Day on December 25 and Boxing Day on December 26.
Liberal Leader Sandra Lubrano commented upon the prime minister's call for a special session by stating that it is her hope that the session will address international environmental concerns and the international attempt by reactionary forces to legislate the execution of GLBT citizens or to imprison GLBT and friends and families who harbour them for long sentences. The Uganda issue, and international media complicity in the theocratic reactionary strategies were specifically mentioned by her.
In reply, the prime minister reiterated his pledge that there are international issues that have no partisan flavour and that all Lambda citizens in diaspora worldwide must support efforts to suppress it. He again mentioned that the political, economic and religious pieces must converge to create solutions.
"Nations who are silent, or not part of the solution, are complicit with genocide."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The House of Commons went into recess today following the last session before the Christmas holiday and will return on January 2, 2010. The Senate will recess tomorrow at noon to receive any last minute bills submitted by the government.

This period is also scheduled for Members of Parliament to return to their ridings and communicate with their constituents. A list of bills and important issues facing the nation will be published during this recess period, it was announced by the prime minister's office of communications.


Speculation increases on the Prime Minister's list for the Order of Lambda Honours List. The Sovereign of the Order is HM the Queen. The Governor General will announce the Honours recipients on New Year's Day, 2010. The procedure is traditional, whereby the Leader of the Opposition provides the Prime Minister with her candidates for the Honours. This list must be presented to the Governor General one week prior to the announcement by her.

Candidates for the Order of Lambda should be sent by email to either the Conservative Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith or Liberal Leader of the Opposition Sandra Lubrano, or by Facebook commentary by December 23, 2009.


A congratulatory press release by the Office of the Primate of the Anglican Church of Lambda to the Episcopal Church USA upon the election by the Diocese of Los Angeles, California of the Reverend Canon Mary D. Glasspool , 45, as suffragan bishop of the diocese. Under Anglican canon law, the entire Church must ratify the election at a special convocation for that purpose nationally.
It is expected that renegade groups from within and without the ECUSA will voice their opposition to Canon Glasspool's election, and will try to thwart the approval process.
The Most Reverend Rowan Williams, the honourary primate of the Worldwide Anglican Communion announced his sadness and displeasure at the election of the openly lesbian bishop-elect who has a significant relationship blessed by religious and civil marriage.
A full statement is forthcoming from the ACL Chancery.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Most Reverend Elizabeth Rowen-Leigh , Archbishop of Jamestown, and Primate of the Anglican Church of Lambda, today joined other Lambda hierarchs in condemning the Ugandan government new genocide law against GLBT persons in their country, with the open complicity of the "Family" and other homophobic American fundamentalist cults, and the silent support of such groups as the Roman Catholic Church and the uberconservative and homophobic segment of Anglicanism, led worldwide by the "Anglican antipope", Dr. Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Lagos, Nigeria.
The Anglican Church of Lambda is not a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, but has sacramental intercommunion with the more liberal communions within Anglicanism, or at least tacit support for its virtual existence as an expression of Anglican faith and practice. The Anglican body ordains women to all grades of Holy Orders, and yet, has the sensitivity to ordain male bishops in a strict line of male Anglican Apostolic Succession with Old Catholic lineage or Anglo-Catholic witness. This group is led by the coadjutor archbishop of Jamestown, Dr. Mark Upson-Downey.
Archbishop Rowen-Leigh is also a member of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches and helped author, along with all religious leaders, a reply to the so-called Manhattan Declaration in NY, USA, called the Jamestown Proclamation. " There are now several women Anglican primates, and this offends those who are equally homophobic. The two implosive issues that inform most schisms have credence with those who see the Church imbued with the sins of homophobia and patriarchalism. Both are a stench in the nostrils of Christ, who sees no difference in the sexes as relates to Christian witness, either in the pew or the pulpit." " The integrity of the Eucharist is not compromised by our feminine hands."
" The silent complicity of all Christians to this Ugandan genocide will rank among those Churches, especially Roman Catholicism, who stood silent while proof of Hitler's Holocaust was evident without question during WWII. It seems that for some Churches, who have witnessed theocratic rule under fascist and totalitarian governments, never cease to both support and appease their nefarious strategies."

Monday, November 30, 2009


This series of dialogues will include the leader of every religious body legally operative in the Dominion of Lambda. The first such interview is with the Most Rev. Norbert Breault, DD, LLD, the primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church, and the Uniate Eparchical diocese, the Catholic Apostolic Diocese in Lambda. Archbishop Breault is same-sex married and the father of several children.

In a recent interview, Archbishop Breault commented upon his life in the ecclesial closet and the angst it created internally, and of course, the "mixed outcomes" of approval and denigration he received from many different populations.


The elected primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church ( male and female clergy ) and its uniate, Catholic Apostolic Diocese (male clergy only), was the choice for both disciplinary and theological camps. The unity of "Catholic faith and practice" was a "bridge too far" between liberal and conservative Catholic camps freed from Papal authority and obedience. However, the archbishop saw a "uniate option" that satisfied both camps. A male-only Apostolic Succession without compromise defines the Catholic Apostolic eparchial diocese.

At the present time, only the LNCC bishop ordinary of Toklas Provincial diocese is a lesbian. Bishop Ellen Townsend-Beauregard was a former Roman Catholic nun with appropriate theological training. To show his commitment, Archbishop Breault ordained her deacon, priest and was the principal at her episcopal consecration. To satisfy those Toklas parishes who still believe in an all-male clergy have Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Callahan for sacramental confirmations. Callahan is a former Roman Catholic priest who accepts women in Orders, but who was consecrated a bishop by Archbishop Breault and two other male bishops.

Like the Greek Orthodox, the Roman Catholics now refer to the ordination of bishops as "episcopal ordinations" as opposed to the now archaic term " episcopal consecrations." The LNCC still uses the term "consecration" however.

The Roman Catholic Church is forbidden to ecclesiastically operate within the Dominion of Lambda. The Vatican does not recognise the legitimacy of either the nation or the validity of the Catholic jurisdiction who ordain women or openly gay men . It has indicated that the Uniate Diocese has "sacramental validity" due to provable Roman Succession. Archbishop Breault says that he wears Roman opposition like a" badge of honour." " Like the Great Schism and the Reformation," said Breault, "the third millennium schism will end Patriarchalism and Homophobia forever within both branches and twigs of the Mystical Body of Christ, and the Catholic Faith as we retain and practice it."

Roman Catholic chaplains attached to foreign embassies are given diplomatic visas to serve the needs of embassy personnel only. Any Roman Catholic cleric or layperson who attempts to practice Papal Catholicism in any form outside embassy property will be dismissed from Lambda. In fact, any person attached to any religious or philosophical body who advocates the promulgation of laws contrary to the Lambda Constitution are in contravention of federal law.


Archbishop Breault is a 64 years old Canadian native. He began his theological studies following the completion of his undergraduate studies in philosophy. The young theological seminarian educated himself at the Roman Catholic seminary in Paris, when a chance meeting with a French Christian Catholic priest (Old Catholic) changed his life. Breault left the Roman obedience in his freshman year and transferred to the University of Berne, Switzerland - the principal Old Catholic seminary in Europe or elsewhere. Old Catholic Churches of the Utrecht Union are in France, Austria, Germany, Poland and Switzerland as well as the Nederland. Father Breault served in both French and Swiss diocesan parishes for a decade or more.

Returning to Canada in 1981, Father Breault met and partnered with Ian McCullough, a Scottish immigrant. Without a canonical outlet other than the Polish National Catholic Church, Father Breault met bishops with Old Catholic jurisdictions outside Utrecht, and bishops in communion with the Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil, and bishops consecrated by the Vietnamese archbishop of Hue and brother of the late South Vietnamese president, namely Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc. Forming a Canadian Old Catholic jurisdiction with conservative views, Breault was episcopally ordained or consecrated by bishops and archbishops from all known Roman and Orthodox Church Apostolic Succession in diaspora at that time, including the Thuc and Duarte Costa lines. " The purpose of this Succession interest was to assure all clergy and laity that the validity of all seven sacraments were beyond disputation by any mainline Apostolic Church."


Archbishop Breault spoke openly and candidly about his years as a closeted chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces and as a bishop in an Old Catholic jurisdiction. " The Roman Catholic bishop and I were friends, and my true nature and relationship was a 'nod and wink' unspoken acceptance between us", Breault asserted. " In my defence, if any is permitted or accepted", is that we were still considered sick when I was ordained in 1970 and certainly Canadian law was not accepting at that time. The Churches, including Old Catholic and National Catholics, were as homophobic as Rome remains today. It is also true that SCOBA Eastern Orthodoxy is also homophobic."


Archbishop Breault suffered a heart attack in 2003. A quadruple cardiac arterial bypass graft followed. To add more to misery, a recuperative Breault suffered advanced stage non-Hodgkins Lymphoma with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation a year later. It was during this time that Breault came out, and married. He had retired from armed forces chaplaincy, and regardless, the Marriage Act in Canada was signed by Royal Assent in 2005.

Breault and his husband and children moved to Lambda last year, and was present at its birth.

He humbly served as an auxiliary bishop of Wilde Diocese until his election and elevation as archbishop of Jamestown and LNCC/CAD primate earlier this year.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The primate of Lambda's GLBT affirming "independent" Catholic jurisdictions, the Lambda National Catholic Church and the more conservative Catholic Apostolic Diocese in union with it, again reiterated his views on the Roman Catholic "scorched earth open warfare" against Lambda and all GLBT activists where both equality's presence or absence is noted.
" You must understand their appeals to Scholasticism and Natural Law in terms of their strategy to blame their worldwide paedophile scandals and coverups by hierarchs as part of the GAY CONSPIRACY. In this scenario, "paedophile homosexual priests" flooded seminaries several decades ago. Working on the premise that they could hide and do their "nefarious deeds" in Holy Orders, they "forced" cardinals and archbishops and bishops....blameless protect "Holy Mother the Church" from these malevolent men.
The Paedophile Scandals have cost much damage to the Roman Catholic brand. It has cost millions of souls and billions of currency payments worldwide. Roman Catholic bishops have hired communication specialists and national lobbyists to speak for them away from media spotlights as often as possible. Make no mistake, to the Vatican, paedophile scandals were done because of all gay priests and bishops.....and the Church must purge all such men from their ranks. This purge includes all men who have monogamous and consentual sexual relations with other adults, often other priests.
The opposition to Marriage Equality and Abortion issues have polled as "positive positions" for the Roman Church to espouse with intensity and vigour. The LNCC primate has advocated a vanguard of Old Catholic and liberal Churches to counteract this worldwide crusade against same-sex families and their civil rights nationwide.


The Right Honourable Pall Heinar Einarsson, MP, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party is on an extended stay in the Republic of Iceland (ISLAND) in order to build Liberal Party support with Lambda's GLBT community in exile in Europe. Statistics suggest that support for Lambda emanates mostly from the two Americas.

An official statement from the Liberal Party headquarters said that the deputy leader was most suited to build Liberal party numbers abroad, and especially in Europe. Iceland and Finland and Denmark do not have marriage equality laws, as does both Norway and Sweden. Europe is a combination of nations with full marriage equality and others with some form of national domestic partnership rights.

Lambda's two "official" languages, French and English, does not provide the full picture. National languages from the world over are spoken in Lambda. GLBT persons come from all five continents and from all languages and cultures.

The Lambda Conservative Party commented indirectly on the Einarsson initiative, but indicated that the Tory government was considering a similar effort to its dual citizens in diaspora worldwide.


In light of Tory Prime Minister Decelles-Smith's speech on political orthodoxy, the Liberal Leader Sandra Lubrano answered media requests for additional commentary on the issue raised by Mr. Decelles-Smith two days ago. In his remarks, the prime minister had suggested that the leader of the opposition agreed with his remarks on political orthodoxy necessary for successful governance.

" The Prime Minister and I agree that politicians must 'stand for principles that their party presents as informative in creating legislation," replied Mrs. Lubrano. " However, we Liberals do not march 'lockstep' as do the Tories when they form a government," she replied." This having been said, the Liberal Party members in Parliament are aware that party discipline requires their vote in closed votes. We do not tolerate or accept lack of support on Liberal legislation emanating from the party conference."

In the Lambda Parliament, either Tory or Liberal MP's are required to vote with their party on party line CLOSED votes, although are permitted to vote their conscience on OPEN votes if they are back benchers. Cabinet and Shadow ministers must always vote with their party on all issues, or resign their posts.

In closing, the Liberal Leader of the Opposition spoke clearly about "liberal and progressive-led governments worldwide" who betray GLBT citizens in their countries. " These citizens hold dual nationality in the Dominion of Lambda, and we hold a proprietary interest in national outcomes", she stated, " Politicians who campaign as liberals and progressives and govern to the right of their centre, and betray their constituencies, do not deserve either support or continuation in government."

Friday, November 27, 2009


The Tory Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith today reiterated his belief in asserting political orthodoxy, and why a constitutional parliamentary system achieves this passionate zealotry.

" As a Conservative, my political principles are set beyond the fact that all Lambda citizens assert GLBT freedom and equality, and in our case, full freedom and equality to Lambda's minority heterosexual population. This belief was also echoed recently by the Right Honourable Gentlelady Opposite, Ms. Sandra Lubrano, the Liberal Party leader, at her party conference recently.

Political pragmatists, centrists, moderates are individuals whose beliefs are informed by pollsters and pundits, and who compromise and often capitulate rather than to stand firm on principles and the expressed will of the majority of the populace.

The prime minister issued his remarks in relation to centrist and moderate heads of government who have campaigned on GLBT equality for their citizens, when, while elected, betray them partially or outrightly in order to mollify their conservative and independent followers. Many observers in media believe that the prime minister's remarks were directed toward US President Barack Obama, but there is also belief that the UK's Labour prime minister's refusal to promote full marriage rights beyond the registered partnership law also provoked Mr. Decelles-Smith's remarks. Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Power also spoke at the meeting.


By an overwhelming majority, the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has voted to retain, HM, Queen Elizabeth II as Chief of State rather than have the Prime Minister or Parliament appoint a president rather than a Governor General representing the Sovereign.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The office of Tory Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith issued comments made by him during a convention of the Lambda/Canada Chamber of Commerce. In the question period, the Tory PM reiterated responses made during Question Time in the House of Commons asked by the Liberal Leader, Ms. Sandra Lubrano.
Mr. Decelles-Smith indicated that the Conservative Party of Lambda defines his political philosophy beyond the question of personal freedom and liberty enjoyed in the area of GLBT rights in Lambda. He indicated that the differences between he and the Liberal Leader were "based upon core philosophical positions" that divide the two parties. " We both stand firm and without equivocation on the rights of ALL Lambdans, including our affirming straight family members and friends who have chosen to live in pluralistic harmony to form one cohesive nation."
In commenting upon the Canadian political reality, Mr. Decelles-Smith noted that the Alliance and Progressive Conservative merger meant that the extreme and centre right wing had both "hijacked the message as well as the leadership" of the new Tory party. Mr. Decelles-Smith noted however, that Canadian Tory strategy was not to adopt a "scorched earth" strategy against the Canadian Marriage Act. He hoped that the Canadian Tory moderates and progressives would again take leadership control over the Conservative message in Canada devoid of homophobic agendae.
Mr. Decelles-Smith mirrored this commentary with a view of US GLBT politics in particular. "The Republican party was once a cohesive body of integral parts. There was the Eastern liberal wing and the Midwest moderate wing and the black minority wing in the South under Jim Crow." Under the libertarianism of Barry Goldwater, the oft quoted remark informed the beliefs.
" I do not care if the person is straight, " blustered the AZ senator and reserve Air Force major general fighter pilot, " as long as he can shoot straight."
"The Democratic Party of the U.S. was until Civil Rights Act...a merger among the liberal Northern intellectuals, blue-collar northern social conservatives, populist midwestern conservatives, and the Southern racist Dixiecrats whose regional monopoly assured seniority and chairs in Congress." Then came Nixon and the great Hijackings. The Dixiecrats became Republicans, and the African Americans became Democrats. The Evangelical Conservatives became Right Wing Theocratic Religionists and hijacked the GOP and its leadership. "
" Where are the Democrats, and specifically President Obama, protecting the rights of our GLBT brothers and sisters living in diaspora in America? Where is the federal recognition legislation, and the repeal of DOMA and DADT? Where is the fierce advocacy he promised as the Liberal Lion and voice of change? As leader of the GLBT free state, I am concerned about GLBT rights worldwide, and with the betrayal of our moral crusade by triangulating politicians who use our votes, our resources, and our tireless advocacy, for their malevolent abuse and betrayal."
The Tory leader stated clearly that nothing advocated by the American Republican Party informs any views held by the Lambda Conservative Party. He also mentioned that the "shared GLBT concerns" with the American Democratic Party " has been sadly sidelined by an administration who governs from the compromisory if not capitulating centre right, and campaigned for office as liberals and progressives for immediate change."


Jamestown, Wilde Province, Lambda.......The Jamestown Resolution, issued by the Royal Lambda Council of Churches echoes the worldwide sentiments of GLBT persons everywhere in the world, according to various religious organisations who responded to the reply given to the international homophobic attack against Lambdans worldwide.

A copy of the Jamestown Resolution - a formal reply to the "Manhattan Malevolence" - admonishes activists that a purely secular civil political response to a "moral imperative" produces the defeats that have been witnessed, especially in the United States.

In a second appeal after the Jamestown Resolution was published, the RLCC challenged international "affirming clergy" to stand in open opposition to the Right Wing Theocratic Religionists throughout the world.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Right Honourable Sandra Lubrano, of Toklas, the Liberal Leader and Leader of the Loyal Opposition in the House of Commons today sent the official Liberal Party of Lambda greetings for the Thanksgiving Day celebration, Thursday, November 26, 2009.
As a result of a bipartisan law passed and given Royal Assent was a perpetual change of celebration for the third Friday in October, beginning next year in 2010.
Leader Lubrano and her wife issued personal as well as official well wishes to all Lambda Liberals at home and abroad.


In an email to the Conservative Party of Lambda faithful, Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Power took the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, November 26, 2009.
The new Parliamentary law has put the new date on the third Friday in October, beginning on October 18, 2010.
The Prime Minister and his husband and son were away for the holidays on a personal family trip to Canada.


The Right Honourable Lee Dorsey, the Governor General of Lambda, representing HM, the Queen, today issued the Crown Thanksgiving Proclamation for all Lambda citizens at home and abroad.

" In the name of the Crown, we wish to express our profound expressions of gratitude and thankfulness on the day that we set aside our troubles, and both as a family, and a nation family, each in our own tradition, sit and share a meal and reflect upon the full freedom and equality we enjoy in Lambda and eight other nations in the world. We also acknowledge those other nations who have provided full federal or some legal rights to our people in diaspora throughout the world.

We also pray and remember those unfortunate brothers and sisters who live in nations where long imprisonment or even execution is the legal penalty for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Let us proudly sing our national anthem " O Lambda " and our declaration of allegiance to both the Crown and our beloved country.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Royal Lambda Council of Churches today implored GLBT and affirming clergy in hostile homophobic nations to stand openly and assertively against the forces of HATE INC.

The Council, on the heels of publishing the JAMESTOWN MANIFESTO last weekend, was clear about whom they were speaking, and more which nations needed to mobilise against an onslaught of international strategic proportions.

The Executive Director of the Royal Lambda Council, the Rev'd Dr. Ellen J. Doherty-Wilson named the Evangelical Protestant Right Wing Theocrats, the Roman Catholic Church and its Eastern Catholic Uniate Churches, and the Constantinopolitan Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The national lists included the United States of America, nations in both Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia. Special attention was given to subsaharan Africa and the Middle East where Islamic Shari'a law includes a genocidal holocaust for the GLBT citizens of their nation and in diaspora.

The statement read in part:

" The Royal Lambda Council of Churches strongly suggests that the time has long past for GLBT and affirming clergy to "turn the other cheek" while the most powerful Christian voices are advocating a "scorched earth" attack on the human and civil rights of GLBT persons worldwide. Moreover, these theocratic pronouncements both incite murderous violence worldwide and give sustenance to Islamic theocracies who proscribe scriptural conviction and summary execution.

GLBT and Affirming Clergy should no longer harbour the belief that the Marriage Equality issue is a patriarchal and heterosexist defence of the culture of "marriage". To disabuse oneself of this canard is to observe HATE INC. worldwide opposing any form of civil contract, whether it is called civil marriage, civil union, or registered domestic partnership. These " Harbingers of Hate" want to remove all "pretenses of legal connexion" between same-sex couples. They seek not only a return to " the reality of legal estrangement" for same-sex couples, but more, to treat them legally as single persons engaged in the felony of recriminalised "sodomy." The cultural term "sodomy" perpetuates the lie inherent in the story of Sodom, and perpetually condemns the GLBT community to scriptural proscription.

"This commitment begins," the communique continues, " with the belief that HATE INC believes it has captured and controls the "moral high ground". These Christian right wing activists assert that we GLBT persons have no moral standing for our subjective political position. Moreover, these homophobic hierarchs contend that we are devoid of any spiritual or moral guidance because we have no theistic basis for our beliefs. Throughout the world, while we witness yet another nation, Portugal, adding its name to the rolls of nations with full GLBT equality, or other nations providing federal partnership rights, the international HATE INC CRUSADE marches on, with victories in the United States....removing regional rights hard won in either courts or legislatures. In Australia, these Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant forces are united in fighting civil union statutes."

The statement ends with this admonition:

" In these hostile homophobic nations, especially in the United States of America or the Commonwealth of Australia, the issue is silence and lack of one leader to guide their efforts. Let us be clear. The mainline international Churches use intimidation and removal of retirement and other safety nets to silence internal opposition. Men or women in middle or advanced age can ill afford to not consider these outcomes. Beyond this, we note that HATE INC is both organised and united in their efforts. GLBT and affirming clergy fight both internal opponents as well as the external enemy. The separation of Church and State is no barrier to HATE INC, only to those with everything to lose if they succeed in removing our rights worldwide. The presence of secular homophobic activists does not hinder the hateful acts of the Catholic, Mormon and Right Wing Protestant Christians. However, the presence of virulent opponents of religion itself within the GLBT communities cower the clergy to complacence, compromise and capitulation."

The Royal Lambda Council of Churches issued this communique on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2009. The newly-elected Parliament has changed the date to the third Friday in October, beginning on October 18, 2010.


The Most Reverend Norbert R. Breault, DD, LLD, Archbishop of Jamestown, and Primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church and its uniate diocese, the Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda, today praised American media personality Chris Matthews for his successful interview that exposed the Vatican strategy in the United States and worldwide to support and join evangelical Protestant efforts to theocratise issues like abortion and homosexuality.
Roman Catholic Bishop Tobin, of Providence RI, USA has joined leading Catholic hierarchs in literally " excommunicating " Catholics ( removing them from Eucharist is ex communicatio ) if they dare to divorce Vatican Papal Ratzinger teaching with their legislative pluralistic function separating Church and State.
Archbishop Breault last weekend signed the JAMESTOWN DECLARATION issued by the Royal Lambda Council of Churches blasting the Evangelical and Catholic theocratic onslaught against all GLBT civil rights and marriage equality provisions as well as Choice legislation in the United States and elsewhere. The Roman Catholic Church is forbidden to operate in Lambda, as are any church, religious or philosophical society or organisation whose views deny the full equality and rights of GLBT persons. The independent Catholic Church, with valid Roman Catholic Succession through Utrecht, Rio de Janieiro and Hue, serves the spiritual needs of Lambda's Catholic population.
The video follows:

Monday, November 23, 2009


The Governor General of Lambda, Ms. Lee Dorsey, declared that Thursday, November 27, 2009 would be observed as Thanksgiving Day in Lambda for the year 2009. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated only in the United States of America and Canada.

Canada, however, celebrates the holiday on the second Monday in October as opposed to the third Thursday in November in the United States. Prior to the election of the first Parliament this year, the provisional government had established the U.S. Thanksgiving date for Lambda.

The Governor General read the Thanksgiving Edict issued by the Crown, and in representing HM the Queen Elizabeth II, the Crown representative said in part:

" This year, we established the fact that the Dominion of Lambda would be one of three nations who will stop and offer thanksgiving, each according to their own customs and beliefs, on the day that the United States established for this holiday celebration. This year, Lambdans stand in solidarity with our GLBT American brothers and sisters, and our friends and families, as they seek strength in loving a nation who denies them basic human and civil rights."

" Beginning in 2010, the Dominion of Lambda will establish the THIRD Friday in October, as the Lambda Thanksgiving Day holiday, into perpetuity. We will invite all Lambda GLBT in diaspora to consider honouring that particular date as our own special day of remembrance."

Several American and Lambda dual nationals have indicated that they will celebrate October 18, 2010 as the sole Thanksgiving Day that they will celebrate.


The Royal Lambda Council of Churches today issued their final communique and reply to the Manhattan Declaration". A copy of the reply follows:
" The Manhattan Declaration is the predictable alliance between the German Catholic pope and the Nigerian Anglican primate giving gravitas to old names in the American right wing theocratic movement.
These voices are proof positive that " politics make for strange bedfellows." Outside a theological proscription against abortion and homosexuality for their own Church believers, these " Harbingers of Hate" have decided to engage in hardball civil politics to merge canon and civil law with an exclusion of all liberal and progressive religious voices and those wholly secular voices who want an absolute divorcement between Church and State.
No list of these malevolent theocrats is necessary. A quick perusal provides one with a long list of veteran advocates of intolerance and HATE INC activism. They are joined by the largest Christian denomination on the planet, and its most internationally successful Reformation schism, the worldwide Anglican Communion, presently in the throes of schism, picked apart by both Catholics and Protestants seeking their clergy and their flocks. The strength of their numbers in the United Kingdom and the old Dominions have decreased, but the subsharan African British Empire yields vibrant branches of the Canterbury Confession.
Subsaharan Africa is a "tale of two countries". It is also the opposing witnesses of two men. Both men are African. Both men are Anglican archbishops. Both men are heterosexual and married. Both men led the Anglican Church in their separate nations.
Dr. Peter Akinola, of Lagos, Nigeria is the current primate of Nigeria. In contravention of Anglican canon law, Akinola has given "episcopal oversight" to dioceses and parishes worldwide who oppose same-sex marriage and GLBT equality on the civil level. Far beyond Anglican theology and canon law, Akinola has sought to create a second Canterbury, and forced a centrist, powerless and ineffective honourary world primate to support his coup d'etat, or face the loss of the largest Church in the communion.
Nigeria is a nation with a divided theistic allegiance and simultaneously, a fascist right wing totalitarian state. Nigeria is divided among Christians and Muslims. The fight for flocks are fierce. Nigeria is an oil-rich nation with the stark presence and absence of wealth and abject poverty. Nigerian criminals operate scams and schemes known the world over. Shari'a law in Nigeria wants the legalised murder of gays and lesbians. Dr. Akinola believes in a "humane "alternative of life imprisonment as well as blessing the Muslim GLBT holocaust. The ineffectiveness of the Archbishop of Canterbury is worse when the "first among equals" has been usurped by this Christian fakir. His views, or more his " prayerful winks" on cultural polygamy is a matter of record beyond conjecture.
The subsaharan African nations once colonies of France, Belgium and Portugal have a Roman Catholic majority presence. Whereas observance is low in Europe, these former colonies boast a vibrant uberconservative Catholicism in full agreement with the German fuhrerpapen. Like their Anglican and former British colonies, the Muslim majority or minority is significant, and Shari'a law informs the process there as well.
The exception is the Union of South Africa, and the minority but significant Anglican Church, once led by now retired primate, Dr. Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Johannesburg, and Nobel Prize laureate. Both he and former President Nelson Mandela advocated for FULL marriage equality for same-sex couples. Dr. Tutu stands in compassionate contrast to the malefactor, Dr. Akinola.
There is nothing new in the Manhattan Declaration but a regurgitation of conclusions emanating from Catholic Scholasticism, Natural Law, and their pseudo-scientific definition of "objective disorder" they proclaimed. Not since the Galileo and Copernican adjudications has the Roman Catholic Church engaged in faux science in opposition to the world psychiatric and psychological societies. Moreover, no pope since Pius IX lost the Papal States in 1870, or in 1918 when WWI proclaimed the death of the Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire or in 1974 when Franco's death ushered in the end of Roman Catholic monopolistic theocracy in Fascist Spain, has the Vatican pseudo political state engaged in international civil hardball politics..
Both as pope now, and cardinal inquisitor then, Josef Ratzinger has decided to blame the paedophile scandals on gay brother cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignori, priests, deacons, monks and nuns. The bait and switch scapegoating explains the strategy. The carrot and stick hardball politics is the result of two millennia of theocratic history in Western civilisation.
The Manhattan Declaration's purpose is to both confound the critics and condemn the innocent. It is an all-out assault against the loud secular voices and the silent liberal and progressive religious voices from both within and from without these organisational monoliths. These marketers of malevolence smell blood in the water. They seek secular defeats by spiritual forces. They hold the "moral high ground" and have transformed it into the "moral imperative." Progressive religious voices fear and tremble as they remain silent or worse, silenced by secular leaders antithetical to any spiritual leadership in the moral crusade of the century.
I have sadly kept the final betrayal for last. The African American civil rights struggle was won by spiritual forces after a century of secular political machinations by friends and foes alike. Dr. King was helped by leading closeted and open gay voices whom he and his widow acknowledged. All their surviving children have embraced the legitimate passage of the mantel of justice and equality to GLBT persons regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religious belief or absence of same.
All, that is, but the eldest and only surviving daughter, the Reverend Bernice King, the new president of the SCLC. Unlike her parents and surviving siblings, Ms. King has joined forces with Akinola, Ratzinger, Dobbs, and countless AA conservative clergy who openly oppose marriage equality despite protections for church and conscience objections. These men and some women are right wing theocrats.
These are the spiritual waters that are competing for the souls of the First Family in the White House. In return, President and Mrs. Obama have visited their major sanctuaries as they continue to play the role of "undecided suitors." What is evident is that liberal and progressive AA voices, from the Episcopal National Cathedral to storefront churches, need not apply.
The Manhattan Declaration is nothing but old wine in new bottles.....old heresies voiced in modern terms.....and a marriage of oppositional organisational and theological forces allied against perceived common enemies. Abortionists and Queers is the new "atheistic Communist" and "liberal Christians" are considered apostate.
It is necessary to tell the old Gospel with a renewed and invigorated voice. It is time to advocate truth over deceit. It is time to call " a white sepulchre" the same way that Christ Himself defined them. These white sheets have grown pointed hoods, and now, it seems, it is impossible to discern Klan Kaps from Episcopal Mitres.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Most Reverend Norbert Breault, DD, Archbishop of Jamestown, and Primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church today spoke for he and the Anglican Church of Canada Primate, the Most Reverend Elizabeth Rowen-Leigh, ThD, as they prepared to meet with Lambda religious leaders at an emergency session of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches.
In their prepared remarks, Archbishop Breault, speaking for the assembled clergy delegation, opened the press conference with this prepared statement:
My brothers and sisters in Christ, both in the Dominion of Lambda and abroad, the so-called "Manhattan Declaration" is merely a regurgitation of Roman Catholic homophobia informed by their interpretation of Scholasticism and Natural Law. The so-called Declaration begins with a recitation of the Great Decalogue, namely the Two Comandments of Love of God and Neighbour, and in the next thousands of words, makes a mockery of His advocacy of love and compassion over what they define as law. In fact, it is a worldwide call to return to theocracy, especially in nations where there is a separation of Church and State, or where former Catholic theocracies, such as Quebec, Spain and Portugal have revolted into democratic nations granting marriage equality to our community and more, those of us who hold to this "twig" of Christ's Mystical Body outside Papal authority and inquisition.
We, the members of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches, will meet in emergency session this weekend to officially respond to the Manhattan Declaration and issue the Jamestown Manifesto.
This response will be issued encyclically " urbi et orbi " as did the great reformer, Martin Luther on the door of an historic cathedral. This virtual cathedral represents that door in the modern world...with ancient truths expressed against voices of oppression and exclusion.
We will begin this weekend's deliberations with an Oecumenical Service of Dedication and particular Eucharistic or Evangelical services invoking the " Spirit of God " to attend to the spiritual violence against our GLBT brothers and sisters, and their families worldwide."


Friday, November 20, 2009


The Rev. Dr. Ellen J. Doherty-Wilson, executive director of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches, today announced that the Executive Board has called an emergency session this weekend to reply to the so-called "Manhattan Manifesto", issued by the leading prelates of the Roman Catholic Church, conservative Anglicans in communion with Dr. Akinola of Nigeria, and the celebrity personnages of the Protestant Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian theocrats in the United States.

Dr. Doherty-Wilson indicated that the Manifesto has international implications because the main signatories are Roman Catholic cardinals, archbishops and bishops and have implications throughout the nations who are battling the Holy See on civil and marital rights for its GLBT citizens. The Dominion of Lambda, as the GLBT virtual state, is implicated in that "declaration of theocratic intent" on matters that affect the civil and judicial rights of GLBT citizens worldwide.

In Lambda, only Churches who sign assent to the Lambda Charter of Rights and Freedoms may legally operate within the Dominion of Lambda. Many GLBT Christians practice their faith outside the official recognition of their international bodies. The Roman Catholic Church is forbidden to openly practice their homophobic faith in the Dominion of Lambda. Mainline Protestant Churches who are openly homophobic are also forbidden to openly practice in Lambda.

Roman Catholics, for example, if observant, are communicants of the liberal Lambda National Catholic Church, and its Catholic Apostolic Diocese with more conservative faith and practice. The Anglican Church of Lambda is recognised by the more liberal national and associative GLBT affirming Anglican churches and is only an associative member of the Anglican Communion.

The weekend meeting will end with a Jamestown Manifesto that will answer the homophobic Christian worldwide theocratic zealotry. The entire manifesto will be printed here as soon as it is published.

Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith (Cons.-Wilde) and Liberal Opposition Leader Sandra Lubrano, of Toklas issued a joint communique supporting the Royal Lambda Council of Churches meeting. Both the Government and the Opposition agree with the legal proscriptions against the Vatican and other homophobic Churches. All major world religions who oppose gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equal rights in Lambda are forbidden entry into the Dominion of Lambda.