Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Most Reverend Norbert Breault, DD, Archbishop of Jamestown, and Primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church today spoke for he and the Anglican Church of Canada Primate, the Most Reverend Elizabeth Rowen-Leigh, ThD, as they prepared to meet with Lambda religious leaders at an emergency session of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches.
In their prepared remarks, Archbishop Breault, speaking for the assembled clergy delegation, opened the press conference with this prepared statement:
My brothers and sisters in Christ, both in the Dominion of Lambda and abroad, the so-called "Manhattan Declaration" is merely a regurgitation of Roman Catholic homophobia informed by their interpretation of Scholasticism and Natural Law. The so-called Declaration begins with a recitation of the Great Decalogue, namely the Two Comandments of Love of God and Neighbour, and in the next thousands of words, makes a mockery of His advocacy of love and compassion over what they define as law. In fact, it is a worldwide call to return to theocracy, especially in nations where there is a separation of Church and State, or where former Catholic theocracies, such as Quebec, Spain and Portugal have revolted into democratic nations granting marriage equality to our community and more, those of us who hold to this "twig" of Christ's Mystical Body outside Papal authority and inquisition.
We, the members of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches, will meet in emergency session this weekend to officially respond to the Manhattan Declaration and issue the Jamestown Manifesto.
This response will be issued encyclically " urbi et orbi " as did the great reformer, Martin Luther on the door of an historic cathedral. This virtual cathedral represents that door in the modern world...with ancient truths expressed against voices of oppression and exclusion.
We will begin this weekend's deliberations with an Oecumenical Service of Dedication and particular Eucharistic or Evangelical services invoking the " Spirit of God " to attend to the spiritual violence against our GLBT brothers and sisters, and their families worldwide."

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