Friday, November 20, 2009


The Rev. Dr. Ellen J. Doherty-Wilson, executive director of the Royal Lambda Council of Churches, today announced that the Executive Board has called an emergency session this weekend to reply to the so-called "Manhattan Manifesto", issued by the leading prelates of the Roman Catholic Church, conservative Anglicans in communion with Dr. Akinola of Nigeria, and the celebrity personnages of the Protestant Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian theocrats in the United States.

Dr. Doherty-Wilson indicated that the Manifesto has international implications because the main signatories are Roman Catholic cardinals, archbishops and bishops and have implications throughout the nations who are battling the Holy See on civil and marital rights for its GLBT citizens. The Dominion of Lambda, as the GLBT virtual state, is implicated in that "declaration of theocratic intent" on matters that affect the civil and judicial rights of GLBT citizens worldwide.

In Lambda, only Churches who sign assent to the Lambda Charter of Rights and Freedoms may legally operate within the Dominion of Lambda. Many GLBT Christians practice their faith outside the official recognition of their international bodies. The Roman Catholic Church is forbidden to openly practice their homophobic faith in the Dominion of Lambda. Mainline Protestant Churches who are openly homophobic are also forbidden to openly practice in Lambda.

Roman Catholics, for example, if observant, are communicants of the liberal Lambda National Catholic Church, and its Catholic Apostolic Diocese with more conservative faith and practice. The Anglican Church of Lambda is recognised by the more liberal national and associative GLBT affirming Anglican churches and is only an associative member of the Anglican Communion.

The weekend meeting will end with a Jamestown Manifesto that will answer the homophobic Christian worldwide theocratic zealotry. The entire manifesto will be printed here as soon as it is published.

Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith (Cons.-Wilde) and Liberal Opposition Leader Sandra Lubrano, of Toklas issued a joint communique supporting the Royal Lambda Council of Churches meeting. Both the Government and the Opposition agree with the legal proscriptions against the Vatican and other homophobic Churches. All major world religions who oppose gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equal rights in Lambda are forbidden entry into the Dominion of Lambda.

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