Saturday, November 14, 2009


Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Power today addressed the Conservative Alliance of International Lambda Supporters , in Wilde Province's Chamber of Commerce. The Tory deputy head of government has received political support from Conservative GLBT groups throughout the world, including conservative leaders in the United States.

Prime Minister Decelles-Smith was in Ottawa, Canada for a meeting with Commonwealth Conservative Party leaders, and was expected to return to Jamestown this evening.

"The role of the Conservative Party of Lambda", stated the DPM, " is to discuss economic and social programmes in the light of full freedom and equality for GLBT citizens. We agree with the Liberal Party of Lambda on all issues that divide us outside this GLBT nation."

In fact, Liberal Leader Sandra Lubrano was in Toklas Province discussing similar issues from the Liberal perspective. Deputy Liberal Leader Pall Heinar Einarrson was also present at that meeting and also addressed the crowd and introduced Ms. Lubrano.
Ms. Power's remarks followed her official duties as a reserve colonel in the Royal Lambda National Guard. Aside from the establishment of the Royal Lambda Mounted Police, the RLNG functions as the national militia and border control military component.
In preparing for her remarks, the deputy prime minister was quick to define the Conservative Party of Lambda as "progressive and more descriptive of the now defunct Canadian Progressive Conservative Party before being hijacked by the Reform/Alliance reactionary party." When she refers to American politics, the American dual national reminded fellow Conservative supporters that the liberal and moderate US Republicans were also hijacked by the reactionary racist Dixiecrats, and that she was a "liberal to moderate" in her former nation. "Political labels require definitions," said Ms. Power. Ms. Power and her wife and beloved dogs live in Toklas Province's beautiful Alicetown community.
Her remarks follow:
If you ask the average American if he is liberal or conservative, his or her probable response is "conservative." In my opinion, they would be wrong. After all, the highly partisan and extremely reactionary Republicans still hold power despite losses in 2006 and 2008. Our national political debate is between those Republicans and loosely partisan and extremely diverse Democrats who have surrendered its leadership to the corporate, conservative, moderate Blue Dog wing . The Liberals and Progressives have been punked within the political party known for those beliefs, and honoured for those accomplishments.
Conservative billionaires enjoy the virtual monopoly they have over the governing philosophy of America. For three decades, and especially since Ronald Reagan, they bought it. They paid billions to create it, and they intend to keep it. They have successfully removed the reactionary libertarian, and the moderate and liberal wings from power, and lately, from office entirely in many regions of the nation. The Party of Abraham Lincoln and Abolition, of the Grand Army of the Republic and Reconstruction has morphed into the resurrection of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, the Ku Klux Klan, and White male-dominated Theocratic Supremacy.
The MSM, once a privately-owned entity, with its news division as a "non-profit lost leader" in a for profit business, is now fully for profit. This includes the "infotertainment programming" that passes for the "objective journalism" of the past. We can now discern which network is the visual, aural, printed or virtual arm of the Republican National Committee. We can equally discern who is centrist and afraid to appear the least "liberal or progressive" since a pragmatic president , a conservative Democrat, signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, in order to win re-election. (As a gay man, I would be amiss if I did not add DOMA that year as well, and DADT at the start of his many betrayals to all liberal partisans.)
The irony is that the Corporate Brahmans created the stigma of the "L-Word" (no, the other one), we know by polling that the plurality of Americans would never want to lose all the liberal programmes that define the Democratic Party. Social Security, Medicare, VA Benefits, and yes, Health Care, are all the brain children or aspirations of the iconic presidents.....Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson.....and if the truth be known, by progressive Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt, whose wing of the GOP has died the death of dinosaurs. TR knew the "malefactors of wealth" in the Gilded Age. Their great-grandchildren of these Corporate Titans make them appear to have acted like choir boys.
A gift of William Jefferson Clinton was the loss of "mom and pop" radio stations in the nation. As a result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the free airwaves ( not paid satellite radio ) have become a national duopoly owned by right wing billionaires who have inundated the schedule with three hour programmes of the most successful prevaricators ever to open their mouths. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.....reactionary college dropout shock jocks .... and Bill O'Reilly, the graduate degreed reactionary exception......have defined and encouraged the many other reactionary pundits who have a voice and a corporeal presence on Fox News.
If the majority of Americans want to retain Social Security, Medicare and VA benefits as government single payer programmes, and wanted a single payer system for Health Care, how have the Corporate Oligarchs pre-empted the process, and have forced pragmatic conservaDems to vote in the largest compulsory Corporate rape ever malevolently conceived by these villains?
The answer is simple. You vote them in, after they have been punked and bought outrightly by the Corporate Brahmans. The "sacred cow" programmes of Social Security and Medicare and VA Benefits are not removed, but rather, deceptively diminished in its effectiveness, and in its costing. These are the greediest individuals ever produced from privileged wombs. They lie about their support of these programmes, while they strip them gradually, and create loopholes that require supplementary products purchased from greedy insurance giants. They betray their own with lies, and the Sheeple actually vote their Wolves into office against their own economic, political and spiritual values.
WE ARE A NATION OF SHEEP, GOVERNED BY WOLVES, AND OWNED BY PIGS. There is no doubt about it. Ask yourself why we are ranked the LOWEST among first world industrialised nations in health care, life expectancy,higher education, infant deaths, and simply QUALITY OF LIFE? . One American expatriate in Michael Moore's SICKO said it best, and worth its repetition " In Europe, (and Canada), the Government is afraid of its PEOPLE, while in the United States, THE SHEEPLE ARE AFRAID OF THEIR GOVERNMENT. and, I might add, with good reasons, since George W. Bush implemented the tools of totalitarianism in the dark of night eight and more years ago, and reinforced since, with the complicity of the two reactionary wings of what passes as "two" political parties.
PART DEUX will focus upon more of these concepts, and specifically how it affects the GLBT community and the true Corporate response as they assuage the Theocratic base of support. Do not confuse the two pieces of the puzzle. The Secular Corporate Oligarchs are not fundamentalist theocrats. Their lives do not reflect this one iota. Like the history of Western Civilisation informs, the Theocratic Piece is a means of societal control. It no longer exists in Europe, either from Rome, Canterbury or Geneva. It exists in the United States with fundamentalist Protestant Christianity, with the open complicity of the Roman Catholic Church. The United States of America is not a closeted theocracy, as previously alluded. It is rather a neo-theocracy, openly defined and wholly complicit within the extreme reactionary Republican Party.
The Deputy Prime Minister, who also holds the ministerial portfolio on the environment, stated that she would hold a seminar on this issue within the next few months. Ms. Power has also invited His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, to visit Lambda at his earliest convenience.

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