Thursday, November 26, 2009


The office of Tory Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith issued comments made by him during a convention of the Lambda/Canada Chamber of Commerce. In the question period, the Tory PM reiterated responses made during Question Time in the House of Commons asked by the Liberal Leader, Ms. Sandra Lubrano.
Mr. Decelles-Smith indicated that the Conservative Party of Lambda defines his political philosophy beyond the question of personal freedom and liberty enjoyed in the area of GLBT rights in Lambda. He indicated that the differences between he and the Liberal Leader were "based upon core philosophical positions" that divide the two parties. " We both stand firm and without equivocation on the rights of ALL Lambdans, including our affirming straight family members and friends who have chosen to live in pluralistic harmony to form one cohesive nation."
In commenting upon the Canadian political reality, Mr. Decelles-Smith noted that the Alliance and Progressive Conservative merger meant that the extreme and centre right wing had both "hijacked the message as well as the leadership" of the new Tory party. Mr. Decelles-Smith noted however, that Canadian Tory strategy was not to adopt a "scorched earth" strategy against the Canadian Marriage Act. He hoped that the Canadian Tory moderates and progressives would again take leadership control over the Conservative message in Canada devoid of homophobic agendae.
Mr. Decelles-Smith mirrored this commentary with a view of US GLBT politics in particular. "The Republican party was once a cohesive body of integral parts. There was the Eastern liberal wing and the Midwest moderate wing and the black minority wing in the South under Jim Crow." Under the libertarianism of Barry Goldwater, the oft quoted remark informed the beliefs.
" I do not care if the person is straight, " blustered the AZ senator and reserve Air Force major general fighter pilot, " as long as he can shoot straight."
"The Democratic Party of the U.S. was until Civil Rights Act...a merger among the liberal Northern intellectuals, blue-collar northern social conservatives, populist midwestern conservatives, and the Southern racist Dixiecrats whose regional monopoly assured seniority and chairs in Congress." Then came Nixon and the great Hijackings. The Dixiecrats became Republicans, and the African Americans became Democrats. The Evangelical Conservatives became Right Wing Theocratic Religionists and hijacked the GOP and its leadership. "
" Where are the Democrats, and specifically President Obama, protecting the rights of our GLBT brothers and sisters living in diaspora in America? Where is the federal recognition legislation, and the repeal of DOMA and DADT? Where is the fierce advocacy he promised as the Liberal Lion and voice of change? As leader of the GLBT free state, I am concerned about GLBT rights worldwide, and with the betrayal of our moral crusade by triangulating politicians who use our votes, our resources, and our tireless advocacy, for their malevolent abuse and betrayal."
The Tory leader stated clearly that nothing advocated by the American Republican Party informs any views held by the Lambda Conservative Party. He also mentioned that the "shared GLBT concerns" with the American Democratic Party " has been sadly sidelined by an administration who governs from the compromisory if not capitulating centre right, and campaigned for office as liberals and progressives for immediate change."

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