Saturday, November 28, 2009


The primate of Lambda's GLBT affirming "independent" Catholic jurisdictions, the Lambda National Catholic Church and the more conservative Catholic Apostolic Diocese in union with it, again reiterated his views on the Roman Catholic "scorched earth open warfare" against Lambda and all GLBT activists where both equality's presence or absence is noted.
" You must understand their appeals to Scholasticism and Natural Law in terms of their strategy to blame their worldwide paedophile scandals and coverups by hierarchs as part of the GAY CONSPIRACY. In this scenario, "paedophile homosexual priests" flooded seminaries several decades ago. Working on the premise that they could hide and do their "nefarious deeds" in Holy Orders, they "forced" cardinals and archbishops and bishops....blameless protect "Holy Mother the Church" from these malevolent men.
The Paedophile Scandals have cost much damage to the Roman Catholic brand. It has cost millions of souls and billions of currency payments worldwide. Roman Catholic bishops have hired communication specialists and national lobbyists to speak for them away from media spotlights as often as possible. Make no mistake, to the Vatican, paedophile scandals were done because of all gay priests and bishops.....and the Church must purge all such men from their ranks. This purge includes all men who have monogamous and consentual sexual relations with other adults, often other priests.
The opposition to Marriage Equality and Abortion issues have polled as "positive positions" for the Roman Church to espouse with intensity and vigour. The LNCC primate has advocated a vanguard of Old Catholic and liberal Churches to counteract this worldwide crusade against same-sex families and their civil rights nationwide.

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