Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In solemn ceremony, in the Senate of the Dominion of Lambda, with the House of Commons invited to hear the Throne Speech, the Governor General delivered the speech written by the Tory government recently elected to govern the virtual nation state.

Prime Minister Decelles-Smith and Opposition Leader Lubrano led a delegation of the House of Commons to the Senate to hear the legislation to be proposed at this Opening of Parliament.

The themes discussed were those voiced during the recent election campaign. There are proposals in terms of health care, education and social programmes that have general agreement between both major political parties in Parliament. It was clear in statements made by the Liberal opposition, that the differences lie in depth and extension of programmes proposed by the Tory government. In terms of foreign policy, the theme was Mosaic in its appeal.

Speaking to nations with GLBT Lambdans who hold dual citizenship, the message was clear.

"Either you provide full and equal rights to our shared citizenry, " uttered the Governor General Lee Dorsey, "as have eight nations of the world, or a dozen more with federal recognition approaching full equality, or our message is clear, PHAROAH, LET MY PEOPLE GO." Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Lambdans in diaspora need full protection under your laws. If your intention is to relegate GLBT citizens to permanent second class status, you should provide them with the needed resources and protection of your government . You should assist them to leave your nations permanently so that they can come home from diaspora to a land who loves them."

Without mentioning the nation by name, it was clear that the foreign policy parts of the Throne Speech was primarily aimed at nations, in the Islamic nations who murder our people. In the so-called Christian nations, especially the reactionary theocratic nations led by the United States of America, the repeal of laws providing limited civil marriage rights hung heavily among those with dual nationality with that nation. In recent days, Immigration and Naturalisation requests from American citizens has increased significantly. Certificates of Citizenship for these families, couples and single persons is fast tracked due to a law that expires 31 December 2009. The new Lambda Citizenship Act takes effect on 1 January 2010, and will be more complex to emigrate as easily as the law presently allows.

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