Saturday, November 28, 2009


In light of Tory Prime Minister Decelles-Smith's speech on political orthodoxy, the Liberal Leader Sandra Lubrano answered media requests for additional commentary on the issue raised by Mr. Decelles-Smith two days ago. In his remarks, the prime minister had suggested that the leader of the opposition agreed with his remarks on political orthodoxy necessary for successful governance.

" The Prime Minister and I agree that politicians must 'stand for principles that their party presents as informative in creating legislation," replied Mrs. Lubrano. " However, we Liberals do not march 'lockstep' as do the Tories when they form a government," she replied." This having been said, the Liberal Party members in Parliament are aware that party discipline requires their vote in closed votes. We do not tolerate or accept lack of support on Liberal legislation emanating from the party conference."

In the Lambda Parliament, either Tory or Liberal MP's are required to vote with their party on party line CLOSED votes, although are permitted to vote their conscience on OPEN votes if they are back benchers. Cabinet and Shadow ministers must always vote with their party on all issues, or resign their posts.

In closing, the Liberal Leader of the Opposition spoke clearly about "liberal and progressive-led governments worldwide" who betray GLBT citizens in their countries. " These citizens hold dual nationality in the Dominion of Lambda, and we hold a proprietary interest in national outcomes", she stated, " Politicians who campaign as liberals and progressives and govern to the right of their centre, and betray their constituencies, do not deserve either support or continuation in government."

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