Monday, November 23, 2009


The Governor General of Lambda, Ms. Lee Dorsey, declared that Thursday, November 27, 2009 would be observed as Thanksgiving Day in Lambda for the year 2009. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated only in the United States of America and Canada.

Canada, however, celebrates the holiday on the second Monday in October as opposed to the third Thursday in November in the United States. Prior to the election of the first Parliament this year, the provisional government had established the U.S. Thanksgiving date for Lambda.

The Governor General read the Thanksgiving Edict issued by the Crown, and in representing HM the Queen Elizabeth II, the Crown representative said in part:

" This year, we established the fact that the Dominion of Lambda would be one of three nations who will stop and offer thanksgiving, each according to their own customs and beliefs, on the day that the United States established for this holiday celebration. This year, Lambdans stand in solidarity with our GLBT American brothers and sisters, and our friends and families, as they seek strength in loving a nation who denies them basic human and civil rights."

" Beginning in 2010, the Dominion of Lambda will establish the THIRD Friday in October, as the Lambda Thanksgiving Day holiday, into perpetuity. We will invite all Lambda GLBT in diaspora to consider honouring that particular date as our own special day of remembrance."

Several American and Lambda dual nationals have indicated that they will celebrate October 18, 2010 as the sole Thanksgiving Day that they will celebrate.

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