Saturday, November 28, 2009


The Right Honourable Pall Heinar Einarsson, MP, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party is on an extended stay in the Republic of Iceland (ISLAND) in order to build Liberal Party support with Lambda's GLBT community in exile in Europe. Statistics suggest that support for Lambda emanates mostly from the two Americas.

An official statement from the Liberal Party headquarters said that the deputy leader was most suited to build Liberal party numbers abroad, and especially in Europe. Iceland and Finland and Denmark do not have marriage equality laws, as does both Norway and Sweden. Europe is a combination of nations with full marriage equality and others with some form of national domestic partnership rights.

Lambda's two "official" languages, French and English, does not provide the full picture. National languages from the world over are spoken in Lambda. GLBT persons come from all five continents and from all languages and cultures.

The Lambda Conservative Party commented indirectly on the Einarsson initiative, but indicated that the Tory government was considering a similar effort to its dual citizens in diaspora worldwide.

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