Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Governor General of the Dominion of Lambda, the Right Honourable Mrs. Lee Dorsey, delivered similar themes expressed in the Throne Speech last week to visiting foreign dignitaries at Wilde House, the official residence of the Governor General.

The Governor General's remarks follow:

In 1896, Theodor Herzl, the father of political Zionism, wrote the JUDENSTAAT, the Jewish state. Fifty-two years before the establishment of Israel, the actual Jewish state, Herzl gave cogent reasons why the world needed to establish a homeland for a persecuted community murdered in pogroms, and reviled in politics and literature and Christian theocracies for millennia. Herzl himself could not, at its writing, envision the Final Solution, the Holocaust, that nearly exterminated the Jewish race in Europe, both Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities in diaspora.
The establishment of the Jewish State (JUDENSTAAT) did not imply that all Jews would eventually emigrate to their homeland. Assuredly, implicit dual citizenship was noted. Worldwide able bodied men and women, and even those less able, came to the defence of Israel in its initial formation in 1948, and in the subsequent wars of survival in the last six decades. Zionism had a socialistic component in the kibbutz, where everyone came together with their skills and talents to contribute to the commonweal.
They came for religious freedom and for secular self-governance. They came to create the Jewish state, but did so with the promise and reality of religious and secular freedom for those who did not share their religion, or practice it with the fervency of the orthodox observant person.
It is time to ask if the blueprint for the GLBT state is not upon us. The creation of the Dominion of Lambda is such an exercise in virtual expression of the need for such a nation state. Like Israel, it would not become the home for all GLBT persons, families and supportive friends and extended families, but rather a homeland where all would have citizenship when their native land would persecute them unto death or provide them with inferior rights and privileges.
Like the model state described herein, the world knows that there are now eight and almost nine countries who have full marriage equality while a dozen more provide separate but equal rights to marriage. There are nations who murder us legally and nations who refuse to provide a modicum of rights and remove them with prejudice. However if you seek to survive in the latter nations, you do so at the peril of life and limb, and you need the safety of our own nation state.
Echoing the words of Moses to Pharoah, it is time to say loudly and firmly. We must speak as a world community from all parts of the five continents......PHAROAH (S) .......LET MY PEOPLE GO.... GIVE US OUR OWN HOMELAND .

The speech, written by the Tory government, was attended by both the Prime Minister Decelles-Smith and the Opposition Leader Lubrano, and various members of both the Senate and the House of Commons.

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