Friday, November 27, 2009


The Tory Prime Minister Raymond Decelles-Smith today reiterated his belief in asserting political orthodoxy, and why a constitutional parliamentary system achieves this passionate zealotry.

" As a Conservative, my political principles are set beyond the fact that all Lambda citizens assert GLBT freedom and equality, and in our case, full freedom and equality to Lambda's minority heterosexual population. This belief was also echoed recently by the Right Honourable Gentlelady Opposite, Ms. Sandra Lubrano, the Liberal Party leader, at her party conference recently.

Political pragmatists, centrists, moderates are individuals whose beliefs are informed by pollsters and pundits, and who compromise and often capitulate rather than to stand firm on principles and the expressed will of the majority of the populace.

The prime minister issued his remarks in relation to centrist and moderate heads of government who have campaigned on GLBT equality for their citizens, when, while elected, betray them partially or outrightly in order to mollify their conservative and independent followers. Many observers in media believe that the prime minister's remarks were directed toward US President Barack Obama, but there is also belief that the UK's Labour prime minister's refusal to promote full marriage rights beyond the registered partnership law also provoked Mr. Decelles-Smith's remarks. Deputy Prime Minister Carolyn Power also spoke at the meeting.

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