Sunday, October 4, 2009


The Electoral Commission declared that since the initial candidates are unopposed, that the formal election will be held on October 15, 2009, adding two weeks to the initial six month term for the prospective Conservative (Tory) Government.
Tory Leader and prospective Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Raymond S. Decelles-Smith, today named the thirty (30) men and women that will hold the Tory majority in the Lambda Senate, the appointed upper chamber.
In discussions with the Liberal Leader and prospective Leader of the Loyal Opposition, the Right Honourable Sandra Lubrano, it is understood at press time that she will present to the Governor General, the Right Honourable Dr. , Mrs. Lee Dorsey, with the names of the twenty (20) men and women who will form the Liberal minority in the Lambda Senate, the appointed upper chamber.
The thirty (30) Tory senators-designate are fifteen men and fifteen women:
1. Jane Ellison-Danforth, of Toklas 2. Ellen Arkensen-Harolsen, of King 3. Norma Alice Baker, of Toklas 4. Jeanne Louise Dufour, of Toklas 5. Marie Jeanne Gauvin, of Toklas 6. Roberta Greene-Olson, of Toklas 7. Frances Millstone-Ward, of Toklas 8 Georgette LeBlanc, of King
9. Rachel Cohen-Saperstein, of Toklas 10. Sarah Stein Meyerson, of Toklas 11. Louise Roy, of Toklas 12. Simone Louise Denault, of Toklas 13. Marguerite Pincince, of Toklas 14. Darlene Sadwin, of King 15. Farah Wilson-Patterson, of King.
1. Ernest Brouillette, of Wilde 2. Rene Doucette, of Wilde 3. Pierre Desrosiers, of Wilde 4. Paul Andre Cote-Huron, of Wilde 5. Roger Stone, of Wilde 6. Arthur Duhamel, of Wilde 7. Martin de Paul, of Wilde 7. Alistair Townsend-Roth, of Wilde 8. Roger Campbell-O'Donnell, of Wilde 9. Albert Violette-Dumas, of Wilde 10. Herve Duval, of Wilde 11. Raymond Pierrot, of Wilde 12. Robert Pryhoda, of Wilde 13. Donald Bruneau, of Wilde 14. Maurice Burelle, of Wilde 15. Yvon Marcillat, of Wilde.
The prospective Prime Minister will announce his Ministerial appointments in the coming days.

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