Monday, January 4, 2010


HM, the Queen, Sovereign of the Order of Lambda has ann0unced the following persons for the Honours List for the 2010 recipients.
The Right Honourable Lee Dorsey, Governor General of Lambda heads the list of honoured persons. The Right Honourable Raymond Decelles-Smith, Prime Minister of Lambda and the Right Honourable Sandra Lubrano, Leader of the Loyal Opposition are included in the recipients. The deputy prime minister and the deputy leader of the loyal opposition, Ms. Carolyn Power and Mr. Pall Heinar Einarsson, were also awarded the Order of Lambda.
The most unusual Honours List includes some pioneer LGBT/GLBT recipients in the Republic of Uganda who are named by the Sovereign "in pectore" due to the danger to their very lives if named. The Government of Lambda will notify the recipients of the Order of Lambda from Uganda quietly so not to alert the Ugandan officials intent on either executing or imprisoning them.
There are also three other recipients from subsaharan Africa who are also in nations where their lives are also in danger, and were also named "in pectore" to protect their identities.

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