Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Tory government, with much support from the Liberal opposition bench, today suggested some goals to create both immigration to the Dominion of Lambda, and the formation of international embassies throughout the world with the intent to find safe sovereign territories in which to act and to have protection from homophobic nations.
Prime Minister Decelles-Smith and Opposition Leader Lubrano met in a show of support for the many Lambdans in diaspora and in distress to the point where they fear for their very lives.
In the Marriage Equality nations, eight and growing, and in some EU nations where federal partnership rights trump true equality, there is support for the Lambdan nation. In the USA, it is clear that the Perry v Schwarzenegger lawsuit will either produce marriage equality or lay the groundwork for a right wing push for recriminalisation and worse.
In order for the American GLBT/LGBT community to have a unified voice to speak to asylum in other nations, they will require a strong coalition already in place for the world's nations to reply to a group rather than to individuals or couples.
The best legal strategists suppose that the federal and appeals court will happen this year or early the next, and that the SCOTUS will entertain this topic during their Oct 2011-2012 session.

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