Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Lambda Parliament today unanimously passed a resolution to form the
as a means of organising and protecting GLBT/LGBT families worldwide from serious oppression including lifetime incarceration and capital punishment.
Some nations are so malevolent and cruel as to imprison family and friends who harbour our GLBT brothers and sisters for up to a decade. The Government sadly noted that the United States of America is also considered a " nation of continued concern" for its strong reactionary wing, both secular and theocratic, who are intent on denying Marriage Equality rights for our families, many of whom hold dual nationality with us, and are therefore accurately identified as "Lambda Families in Diaspora." Moreover, the Lambda government and opposition leader both noted that reversals by referenda has been successful in the United States to thwart both legislative and judicial decisions to grant full marriage equality and a host of other civil rights legislation.
The prime minister and opposition leader noted with sadness that the Government of the United States under President Barack H. Obama is equally unwilling to become the "fierce advocate" that he promised during the campaign despite his pragmatic centrist politics and policies. " This reality causes us to express our intent to protect dual nationals of the US and Lambda in the event that the Supreme Court of the United States permanently adjudicates in favour of reactionary laws that codify the inferior rights of GLBT Americans."
Interested individuals are asked to become followers of the DOMINION OF LAMBDA website and work toward developing pro bono contingency plans. It is expected that the Perry, Stier, Katami and Zarrillo v Schwarzenegger lawsuit will proceed from district court to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and is expected to reach the Supreme Court by the 2012 session.

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