Monday, March 1, 2010


The Governor General of Lambda, Ms. Lee Dorsey, representing HM the Queen, has awarded the Order of Lambda to Ms. Wendy Leigh, a dual national of the Dominion of Lambda and the United States of America, for her work in the promotion of essential Human Rights in the nation of Uganda.

The former British colony and Commonwealth member underwent many different reactionary governments and dictatorships in its short history of independence, including the horrific Idi Amin of several decades past. Now, of course, the Right Wing totalitarian theocrats, the FAMILY has convinced right wing reactionary Ugandans to issue a death sentence to all our GLBT brothers and sisters, and long periods of incarceration for family and friends who protect them.

The Protocol reads in part: " The international efforts on behalf of Ugandan GLBT brothers and sisters does honour to the many citizens of the Dominion of Lambda living abroad. As a member of LAMBDA FAMILIES IN DIASPORA, Ms. Leigh has worked diligently to both inform and to make all freedom and equality loving men and women around the world aware of the atrocities awaiting our families living in exile. It is for this reason, that upon the request of the Prime Minister, Mr. Decelles-Smith, and the Leader of the Loyal Opposition, Ms. Lubrano, that the Order of Lambda, the highest honour awarded by this virtual nation, be awarded to Ms. Wendy Leigh, of this nation and the United States of America."

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