Wednesday, March 3, 2010


THE PRIME MINISTER OF LAMBDA, the Right Honourable Raymond Decelles-Smith, flanked by the Right Honourable, Dr. Lee Dorsey, Governor General of Lambda and by the Right Honourable Sandra Lubrano, Leader of the Loyal Opposition, today admonished the Government of Uganda that they stand in opposition to the Ugandan anti-GLBT legislation, and stand in solidarity with the Ugandan GLBT brothers and sisters, and their friends and families who are also in jeopardy with this legislation.
REACTIONARY DOMINIONIST THEOCRATS from the United States of America, where many dual nationals of the Dominion of Lambda live in diaspora, have decided to find proxy nations in which to "dress rehearse" the holocaust they would like to visit upon all GLBT persons worldwide, and especially in the United States of America. These right wing religionists want their beliefs to express the will of all civil and secular governments and the laws they enact. They find that death,by execution, "conversion therapies", or life incarcerations should sentence all our brothers and sisters, and our families and friends who conceal and harbour us should also receive long years of incarceration.
Of course, the Government of Lambda will break all "virtual diplomatic ties" with the Government of Uganda, and have instructed our subsaharan African ambassador, the Honourable Pierre LeRoux, of the Union of South Africa, to notify all parties, and to express to our Ugandan brothers and sisters, their families and friends, our solidarity and our deep love and affection.

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