Friday, September 25, 2009


The Royal Lambda Religious and Philosophical Society held an Oecumenical Evening of Prayer and Sermon on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. All of the major Church and Philosophical Society leaders were allowed to either join in prayer, song or speech for the event.

Dignitaries included everyone from the primates of the various Christian denominations, Jewish Rabbinical Associations, and other major religious bodies. There were also wide differences evidenced by the president of the Royal Lambda Atheistic League, who spoke for a half hour on the right for all beliefs, including atheism, to gain respect with the Lambda community.

Archbishop Breault is the primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church, a valid but autocephalus Catholic jurisdiction outside the Roman Catholic Church. Lambda does not recognise the right of the Roman Catholic Church to legally operate within the borders of Lambda because the Vatican does not recognise the major tenets that founded Lambda, on the secular level, and disagrees with Lambda's independent Catholics that their marriages are sacramental in nature. The abridged text of his speech follows:

" In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, blessed Trinity, One God, forever and ever, Amen! My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and more, fellow citizens of the Dominion of Lambda.

The purpose of this Oecumenical Meeting is to strengthen the bonds among all Lambda's faith and religious and philosophical communities, while we simultaneously affirm our own credal beliefs and freedom of conscience and the liberty to exercise them without prejudice in this country.

There are many among you who have the good fortune to have your organisations recognised internationally as part of an international association of like-minded and like-acting individuals.

There are some of you who have been rejected by the major international denominations or jurisdictions throughout the world, and the Lambda observant community stands alone as a beacon to all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons whether they are also dual nationals of our country.

........Speaking for this branch of Christ's Mystical Body, this small "twig" , we hold to the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church with the validity of Word and Sacrament as we who have affirmed the sanctity of our psychosexual orientation or gender identity as part of His plan for creation and salvation. We reject all spiritual verbal violence as contrary to His Plan for our lives regardless of whom we love. It is rather, how we love, and what that particular love means in our Divine embrace, and the desire to love our neighbours as much as we should love ourselves.

Spiritual violence is insidious. It is both hurtful and harmful. It betrays the trust of a young child who believes with the unblemished eyes of faith and trust in the Church and his family. The paedophile scandals were the most severe and egregious betrayal of innocence that the largest branch of Christendom has inflicted upon itself, and all those who call themselves Christians.

For the GLBT Christian, the spiritual violence goes deeper in theological as well as psychological terms. This is not to say that the Church's greatest scandal does not overwhelm all others. There is much truth that many GLBT Christians under Rome's allegiance were also paedophile victims of these vile men and women. We also speak about the Roman Church's all pervasive crusade against not only our interpretation of Catholic faith and practice, and the freedom of conscience, but against the civil rights and equality under law in many nations that Lambda citizens have dual nationality. Luckily, we have Lambda citizens who are also citizens of the eight Marriage Equality nations.....Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden and South Africa. There are other European Union nations who have similar but inferior federal rights, with marriage by legality and culture retained by homophobic heterosexists in those nations.

We acknowledge this spiritual violence as the first step to heal these wounds in the twig - the small yet significant part of His Mystical Body, for Lambda's Catholics to serve their brothers and sisters in our great crusade to heal each other and to recognise that we indeed are all victims of spiritual violence and are all worthy of spiritual reconciliation. Let us stand as we sing the hymn that we will do battle with a vision of victory...... Onward Christian Soldiers. Archbishop Breault then joined the rest of the Christian primates in singing the last hymn

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