Sunday, September 6, 2009


The World Wide Web allows us to explore and create our own realities. The Dominion of Lambda is such a place. Our world exists between Quebec and New England. We are a same-sex family unit....part of the gay-by boom.....that brought joy and commitment into our thirty four year marriage now six years in legal terms. Of course, the answer is different dependant upon where we claim family versus legal stranger status. No one need ask why or where.

In creating my reality years ago, I started writing my copyrighted novel. It speaks of a fictional nation carved from both New England and New York and Quebec and Maritime Canada. My preference for parliamentary system of government coloured my choices. We would be a British Commonwealth nation with HM the Queen as Chief of State represented by a Governor General.
OK, we have Canada Redux....but after all, it is the American GLBT person who needs liberation, isn't it?

So, in the days, months, and who knows, years ahead....we will go about the process of nation building. After all, I have written a history of Lambda's birth and development. Does anyone doubt the need for such a nation? Not everyone could immigrate to Canada, and not everyone surely would come to the United States for "gay liberation", now would they? Of course, not every GLBT person or family would emigrate to Lambda. Not all Catholics live in the Vatican, and not all Jews live in Israel, now do they? However, Lambda is a beacon to all who seek total freedom and equality under law. Liberal and Conservative gays and lesbians find a home in Lambda, as to Atheists and Believers. Our straight parents, children and other friends and families also make up the fabric of the people under the rainbow flag of freedom.

Will we, simultaneously, entertain subjects of interest in the "Old Country"....either the United States, Canada or for that matter, the whole world ? The answer is yes, we will discuss these issues. Will we discuss what it means to have a meaningful marriage and the blessings of children? The answer is yes, and of course, we will discuss what it means to accept or reject those values. We will discuss this with the light overcoming the heat. At my age, the tolerance for flame retardant clothing is minimal.

OK, we begin the process by migrating my work both on my personal files and Facebook pages.
Please bear with me. Although retired, I have responsibilities to husband and child. But let us nevertheless begin the journey.

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