Tuesday, September 29, 2009


History Department Chair Dr. Jennifer Stein-Cohen today moderated a seminar discussing the moral imperative for the creation of the Dominion of Lambda. Several themes were discussed, including the resurgence of aggressive acts against GLBT persons worldwide, including murder.
Hate crimes are rising in first world as well as third world nations and Islamic theocracies.

Dr. Stein-Cohen remarked how much the rise of the brownshirted SA prior to Hitler's chancellorship and a year later, as totalitarian dictator, led to the acculturation of anti-Semitism.
Kristallnacht and the Nuremburg laws after rising to power, made the German people catatonic to the racism and murderous hatred in their midst. Overnight, the psychotics were in charge of the asylum, and it was too late to stop it. Herzog's call early informed the Jews in diaspora to find a nation to accept them. As the film SHIP OF FOOLS illustrated clearly, no nation wanted members of either the Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jewish tribes in their country. Many of these first world states actually had Nazi sympathisers and others who shared the anti-Semitism. If a whole race was unacceptable, then " homosexuals, gypsies, or the insane" were easy prey as well.

An important point that Professor Stein-Cohen made was the brief timeline it takes to escape with more than the clothing on your back. As the Right Wing entrenches itself, it is less possible to keep your precious items, or to sell your property at fair and advantageous prices. At first, she said, 'they want you gone, and later, if you stayed, they want you gone permanently from the planet."

Lambda citizens abroad are described as the Great Diaspora where many bright and talented men and women need this nation state in order to survive as a viable community. Psychosexual orientation is a diverse sense of community, but it does not lessen its importance, since it crosses all gender, ethnic, racial, religious and cultural lines.

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