Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Electoral Commission established by the Provisional Government has set the first Parliamentary elections for a month of voting, October 1-31, 2009.
The Governor General of Lambda, the Right Honourable Mrs. Lee Dorsey, M.D., will then invite the Leader of the appropriate party to form the First elected Government of Lambda, on November 1, 2009 for a six month term of office, or until the government fails a vote of confidence in the House of Commons.
The Right Honourable Raymond S. Decelles-Smith, of Wilde Province, is the Leader of the Conservative (Tory) Party of Lambda. He is the provisional prime minister of the Commonwealth nation. The deputy leader is Ms. Sandra Lubrano, of Toklas Province, who is president of the Royal Lambda WOW Family Promotion Society, promoting lesbian and gay families in the nation.
The Leader of the Liberal Party of Lambda is Ms. Carolyn Power, of Toklas Province with Pall Heimer Einarsson, of Wilde Province, as the deputy leader.
There are three provinces in Lambda......Wilde Province....Toklas Province.....and King Province. There are predominant populations in each, but all Lambda citizens are free to live anywhere in the nation. Wilde Province is predominantly gay couples....Toklas Province is predominantly lesbian couples....and King Province is predominantly gay-affirming heterosexual couples. It appears that transgendered couples find support and loving acceptance throughout all three provinces.
The national capital is Jamestown, located in King Province, named after the gay sovereign, James I (Stuart) of England and VI of Scotland.....who commissioned the King James version of Holy Scripture...whose Elizabethan prose has, ironically, been used to persecute GLBT Christians and others equally, that is, until the creation of the Dominion of Lambda.
There are 150 ridings (constituencies) in the House of Commons. At present, 26 September, 2009, there are 101 candidates....and since it is difficult to have an election where each candidate contests for the election, if you become a candidate, you will win your seat without contest. Remember that the majority will form the government and decide the majority in the appointed Senate of Lambda. There are 50 seats and the majority will hold 30 seats and the minority will hold 20 seats.
So, if you are interested in a seat in the House of Commons for the First Parliament, then indicate it by posting on NetworkedBlogs, or on the Facebook page, and indicate your name, party affiliation (if independent, who you would caucus or conference with), and which province you represent. The majority in each province will appoint a premier for that province.

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