Monday, September 7, 2009


The virtual Dominion of Lambda has its an earlier, more primitive time. In his seminal work Herzog foresaw and gave a blueprint for the formation of a Jewish state....Israel. When written, it was not clear, when or if the State of Israel would ever become more than one person's dream for freedom and equality.

With the world at present, the GLBT community are the "bete noire" of many nations and cultures. Yes, there are eight nations and counting, who offer full freedom and equality, including civil marriage. There are even more countries, where the heterosexists held their ground, and lesser "separate but equal" rights are enjoyed. Then, there is the United States of America. That last sentence says it all, doesn't it? For those who understand, no explanation is necessary, and for our homophobic enemies, no explanation will ever suffice.

The movement from virtual nation to a real nation state may never occur. Then again, history does repeat itself, despite the fact that most historians cringe at that observation. It is true, however, that creating the framework for a nation state might one day inform those who must actually create it. Imagine, this exercise might become the " sacred archival texts " of a pre-nascent country called Lambda.

Small island nations in the Caribbean and elsewhere have gravitas as members of the British Commonwealth. Small island nations with a small and somewhat insignificant parliament and prime minister, have HM, the Queen Elizabeth II as their chief of state and sovereign. This is the reason that our Lambda is a member of the British Commonwealth, with a Governor General representing the Sovereign. Besides, in a nation with many "royal personnages in exile", it might be significant to have an honest Royal Lady as sovereign.

The Certificates of Citizenship are virtual, by joining this blog, your application is accepted by the interim government. From October 1-31, 2009, we will have declarations of candidacy for the 150 seats in the House of Commons. You must declare yourself a member of the Liberal Party of Lambda or the Conservative Party of Lambda, or an independent member willing to caucus or conference with either party. The most votes garnered by any candidate will get them a seat in the chamber. The Senate is appointed....and whichever party wins the majority for the lst Parliament will have 26 seats...and the other party will nominate 24 senators.

The term of the Parliament is six months initially, or unless a vote of confidence requires a call for new elections. The Senators are appointed for one year.

Once the 150 MP's are elected, the Liberals will caucus, and the Tories will conference, and elect Leaders and Whips. The party with the majority or minority government status will be elected Prime Minister and the other, the Leader of the Loyal Opposition. It will then be the responsibility of the Prime Minister to form a government and name his Cabinet Ministers. The Leader of the Opposition will announce the Shadow government and portfolios.

The call for Lambdan citizens now goes worldwide....for all will have access to dual nationality ....We have decided that English and French would be the languages....and European usage of those languages for international comfort. Many other languages are spoken in Lambda, but these two languages, the former universal and the latter diplomatic make sense for official parliamentary languages.

We have individuals who can create passports and other proofs of citizenship in our virtual world. We need a Lambda National Anthem with lyrics in the two official languages. True, there is a strong emulation of one of my two other the exclusion of the one who most denies me my rights and freedoms. So be it.


ps - We have three provinces in Lambda and those governmental units need to be formed. Wilde Province is at present formed by gays....and well, Toklas was formed by the lesbians....and King, after Martin, for many of our straight, bi and trans citizens. However, we are free to live and share in whatever province we prefer.

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