Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Provisional Prime Minister Decelles-Smith spoke to newly declared citizens of Lambda, in noting that in many nations of the world, with both leftist and rightist governments, there seems to be a continuous attempt to betray the honest desires for equal justice under law in those countries.
The Prime Minister took time to praise the seven nations where civil marriage equality and other laws mark them as progressive states. He also hoped that other nations where heterosexists retain the culture and legality of equal marriage with inferior instruments to reconsider their law
The prime minister's text of his address follows:
The fact that you share a psychosexual orientation or gender identity with someone else GLBT, does not infer much beyond that fact alone. The differences that one finds in society as a whole, is also found in our "GLBT community." If the truth is known, both heterosexist leftist and rightist leaders have made use of our passion for freedom and equality. Decades before we were rendered psychologically healthy, legal and worthy of equal rights under law, and in some spiritual centres, worthy of respect, the lifespan of our lives or our usefulness was both measured and numbered. Please do not misunderstand. Neither Hitler nor Stalin had any particular aversion to homosexual behaviours beyond those shared by the majority of heterosexists of the period. Both dictators understood the "usefulness" of many individuals or groups that they could later purge with ease and dispatch. Betrayal of GLBT activists by the left or the right is well documented. One political faction gladly chronicle the misdeeds of the other side. In reality, GLBT are betrayed by the left wing with an iron hand covered in a silk glove....whereas the right wing merely uses the iron fist without any pretense or cover.Today, there are faux friends, and even open or closeted GLBT politicians or activists willing to make secret deals or "ententes cordiales" in order to obtain power, prestige and permanance. There are also those who openly work for the sworn enemies of the GLBT person, or are themselves virulent opponents of human rights, including their very own. There are those individuals who are willing to excuse, for example, the daughter of a vice president, the granddaughter of a US senator, the sons of activists or world renowned homophobic theocrats.One thing is sure. There is always a time when the iron fist or gloved iron hand is no longer productive or sufficient. The dehumanization process is complete. Death is the answer, with quick dispatch of rope or bullet, but often, slowly and painfully, as the result of sadomasochistic incarceration in concentration camps. There is a brief time to escape to another nation willing to absorb you without anything but the clothes on your person. The price for your life are all of your earthly possessions "donated" to your saviour.Deny that history "repeats itself". State categorically that historical precedents have "no significance today." These thoughts and these views have been expressed ad nauseam throughout history too.When is it time to save yourself by the skin of your very teeth??>

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