Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Provisional Government today discussed the possibility of a proposed Dominion of Lambda National Anthem. The Royal Anthem of God Save the Queen remains consistent in all Commonwealth Nations where the Chief of State is the Sovereign represented by a Governor General.
The proposed anthem melody is taken from the Old English hymn " The Strife is O'er, the Battle Won." is ruffles and flourishes, but the words and lyrics are better understood in context with this:
The first stanza in English is the only lyrics yet written.
" The 'bridge is lower'd, the battle begun
Our Home, our Fortress, our refuge from harm
We pledge our Hearts, our Body and Soul
With Armour and Shield, our Freedom is won
May Sons and Daughters with strong voice proclaim
O Lambda, my Mother My Own"
The National Anthem Commission realises that many further attempts will be required to codify an official national anthem, but diplomatic courtesies required one at the present time.
The Protocol is the Royal Anthem when the Sovereign or Governor General is present, and preceding the National Anthem. All formal events or diplomatic events require both anthems.

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