Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The Provisional Prime Minister gave a special portfolio to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Lambda the portfolio to determine which religious, philosophical or ethical societies and organisations could function in Lambda under the constitutional guarantees provided to all Lambda citizens and permanent residents.
It was determined that all such organisations, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and places of worship or congregation must swear allegiance to the Lambda Constitution and advocate nothing that constitutes treason or other illegal actions or activities.
The Roman Catholic Church, through its Vatican diplomatic emissaries, declared that they could not swear such an oath, and could not openly serve in that country, whose creation they opposed vehemently. The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Charles Collingwood, indicated that Roman Catholic Church and clergy would not be licenced to operate in Lambda. Embassies and consulates could have Roman Catholic priest-chaplains, but they would not be permitted to function outside the sovereign soil of their own jurisdictions. The Lambda High Commissioner in London informed the diplomatic corps about this reality.
To that end, it was noted that Catholic jurisdictions outside the Roman allegiance, would serve the needs of Catholics in Lambda.
A list of all religious, philosophical, ethical, atheistic and similar organisations licenced to operate in Lambda will be posted shortly.

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