Saturday, September 19, 2009


The Constitution of the Dominion of Lambda has clearly defined that on both the federal and provincial levels, that capital crimes are set as life sentences without parole rather than the death penalty.
Lambda joins Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth in banning capital punishment. In fact, all first world industrial nations ban the death penalty, while some reserve it for the " most heinous of crimes."
Capital punishment is legal in most Islamic states and in totalitarian states such as North Korea. The most "celebrated" exception to first world nations is the United States of America, who once banned the practice under liberal and progressive governments, and has had it restored since the days of Ronald Reagan. Capital punishment in the United States is both federal and state, but certain states have opted out of the programme. Others, like the state of Texas, lead the nation in capital punishments carried out. It is also legal to give the death penalties to minor children tried and convicted as adults.
" The belief we share with the plurality of civilised nations on earth is that the State should not take the life of even the most heinous criminal. We believe that a life of incarceration without ever leaving the prison other than in a coffin is justifiable punishment for capital crimes." said the Prime Minister followed by remarks of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

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