Sunday, September 6, 2009


well, okay, it is the gay version of another British Commonwealth nation. If I could shop, the shield would have the Greek symbol for Lambda.

The Royal Standard would of course be the British Union Jack.

THE DOMINION OF LAMBDA is divided into three provinces, namely Wilde, Toklas and King. The Senate and the House of Commons comprise the federal Parliament. The Liberal Party of Lambda and the Conservative Party of Lambda are the political parties you can join. We will have elections for the Parliamentary Ridings (districts) at a later date. Forming a government is an integral part of building a nation state. The Supreme Court of Lambda will determine the laws of the nation, and of course, we must choose a Governor General to represent the Sovereign. In the interim government, Albert is the Governor General and I am the interim Prime Minister.

Lambda-usage English and French are the two official languages, but many others are spoken and represented among us. Yes, we are true to the indigenous culture since both New England and Maritime Canada have those two historical cultures represented.

Once the Liberal Party and Conservative Party members are identified, we will choose a leader for each party. The number of ridings in the House of Commons will be determined by both interest and number of members. The leader of majority seats will be the Prime Minister and the minority will be the Loyal Leader of the Opposition. Ministerial portfolios will be determined and the Government and its Shadow will be announced. The Senate is appointed, and to begin with, a majority of three over the opposition will be awarded to the initial government party.

The legal eagles who seek citizenship in Lambda will determine the scope and appointment to the Judiciary, including the Supreme Court of Lambda.

The Order of Lambda will be awarded to worthy recipients who are citizens of Lambda. Foreigners will be awarded the Order of Lambda, in an honourary manner.

The national capital is Jamestown....after the gay king, James I (Stuart) of England and VI of Scotland, who was responsible for the KJV of the Bible...the very same used by homophobic theocrats as a weapon against us. Provincial capitals for Wilde Province and Toklas Province and King Province must be determined by the founding citizenry of Lambda.


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