Thursday, September 17, 2009


There are two places on the planet where THE PINK TRIANGLE is honoured. The first in my heart and mind is in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the other, ironically, is in Washington, DC, USA. The primary place of honour is where the Dutch have made complete amends by granting, since 2001, full freedom and equality to its gay and lesbian citizens, including marriage equality, and adoption rights to form families.There have been several films dedicated to the plight of gay men especially during the Third Reich. This was made more stark by the fact that certain self-loathing gay brownshirts, led by Ernst Roehm, helped Hitler gain full political power. Roehm was murdered on orders from Hitler and a purge of gays in Nazism was complete by 1935. The movies, BENT, PARAGRAPH 175, for example are two of those expository films.There are strong parallels to the political propaganda against Jews and GLBT persons today. Many of the detailed descriptions of Jews as vermin, rats, and rabid rapists and paedophiles validated the vile hatred and eventual genocide of that race and religion. Observant and cultural Jews, mixed ethnic or race, or Jews converted to Christianity, straight or gay, left or right, it mattered not. However, one thing was true, for it was better not to wear the half homosexual and half Jewish symbol on your prison clothing.Today, most historians are aware that the Allied forces, and even before, the United States of America was aware of the Jewish genocide in Europe. The SHIP OF FOOLS shows that the WASP reactionaries in America, known also by the German American BUND, did not want the influx of Jews from Europe prior to the end of WWII. Gratefully, that influx occurred after the end of the war, to the great benefit of the American commonweal. However, as PARAGRAPH 175 clearly connotes, the gay prisoners of Nazi concentration camps were retained in West and East German prisons, with equal derision by "democratic" and communist governments after the war. Gay prisoners of war were often reincarcerated, and not given reparations and treated as both perverse and politically putrid. Today, there is a resurgence of both the high tolerance level in Europe and elsewhere prior to the fascist rise in the late twenties and early thirties. There is also the worldwide war waged by reactionary theocrats of several religions against any and all civil and human rights and equality under the laws of all nations and national groupings, such as the European Union.I have saved my animus for the United States for last. This is a worthy placement because this is where the United States belongs when you speak or write about equal freedom and equality for all minorities. The American history is about being end emancipate women provide give women rights over their own bodies and treat First Peoples or aboriginal peoples they genocided with provide single payer universal health care....and to extend full federal franchise to gay and lesbian couples to marry and share equal rights with opposite sex couples.The Iraq and Afghanistan regimes are American puppet governments. They are no different than the British or French Empire colonies and their tetrarchies. We have spent, or will at end, spend trillions of dollars emptying into international Corporate Brahman coffers rather than the Sheeple who own that treasure. Let us be blunt....the Iraqi and Afghan gays murdered officially or unofficially are victims of all Americans....including and me....their brothers and sisters who actually pay these murderers to create a perpetual puppet regime under U.S. control. The multibillion dollar embassy fortress and the many fortified forts in those nations attest to that fact.The National March for Equality will happen in a few weeks. We will march rather than stay home. We will point our fingers at absent president and congress and say.......J'ACCUSE.....I ACCUSE.....all of you, all of us, in complicity for the second genocide of our international community of brothers and sisters. Their blood is upon YOU and US. The Corporatist Brahmans own all political parties....and Bush and Obama as well....and to prove their open cynicism.....they both appointed the same SECDEF and the same MIC capos to the same post. We must stand and scream about the sacrilege, yes sacrilege, of repeating the rapes and murders.... the redux or repetition of the holocaust horrors of the last century.WE ARE FAMILY, THEY ARE KILLING US ON ALL CONTINENTS, BY MANY DIFFERENT POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES, AND REACTIONARY RELIGIONS....AND IF YOU REMAIN SILENT, BECAUSE IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU DIRECTLY, WHO WILL COME TO YOUR RESCUE WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN...????

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