Sunday, September 13, 2009


The Most Reverend Norbert Edouard Breault, DD, Archbishop of Jamestown, and Primate of the Lambda National Catholic Church, today sent a communique to the Holy See stating its autocephalous primacy for all Catholic Christians in the Dominion of Lambda. The Lambda National Catholic Church is a liberal Catholic jurisdiction with sacramental intercommunion with the equally "independent" conservative Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda, led by Bishop Carlos Soares, DD, metropolitan bishop.

"The Synod of Autocephalous Catholic Bishops in the Dominion of Lambda have advised His Holiness, Dr. Josef Ratzinger, Bishop of Rome, and Patriarch of the West, that his jurisdiction does not extend over the Catholic faithful of this nation.

We theologically affirm the belief that the sanctity of marriage between same-sex couples is sacramental and sacred in nature. The scriptural proscriptions used by the Holy See, as well as the description of all GLBT Catholic Christians are "objectively disordered" is abhorrent and offensive to this branch of the Mystical Body of Christ.

We have advised all Catholics formerly under Roman jurisdiction, that they have been incardinated into the Lambda National Catholic Church, and its Uniate diocese, the Catholic Apostolic Diocese of Lambda. Roman Catholic clergy are not licenced to function within the Dominion of Lambda insofar as they hold opinions contrary to the sovereign laws of the nation, and also because the Vatican City State and the Dominion of Lambda do not hold diplomatic relations one with another.'

We sincerely suggest that if our brother in Christ, the Universal Bishop of the Roman Jurisdiction, instructs his Communion to honour the theological positions held by all religious denominations in the nation, that we would welcome your presence in this realm.

In dilectione Christi

+ Norbertus, Lambdaris

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