Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Consulate General of the Dominion of Lambda in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro today reported that the Swedish Ambassador would provide GLBT Serbians with a legal venue to have a Gay Pride Festival after the Serbian government refused the permit.
Under international law, the foreign embassies are sovereign soil of that nation. The Swedish Ambassador announced that he would invite all Serbian gays and lesbians and their friends and families to his Official Residence for the Mini-Pride event. Sweden is one of eight countries that grants full marriage equality to its citizens.
At present, the Dominion of Lambda has a low-level presence consulate in Belgrade and does not enjoy full diplomatic relations with Serbia and Montenegro. At present, Sweden represents Lambda and its citizens, or dual nationals, in this nation.

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  1. Just as it should be. Very appropriate of my Swedish cousins.
    Hope they have a good Pride.