Thursday, September 10, 2009


The interim Prime Minister, Dr. Raymond S. Decelles-Smith, today gave the Conservative Party speech to the virtual faithful nationwide.
Dr. Decelles-Smith spoke to the values that all families share, and want preserved in the culture, society, and laws of Lambda. He reiterated the need for the GLBT state, and that the Dominion of Lambda was the beacon to all those persecuted around the world.
"The formation of a GLBT nation does not mean that we do not honour those opposite-sex families who have joined our nation, and support our need to have freedom and equality for all. We are also parents of children who may mirror our orientation, or may be examples of the heterogeneous complexion of our nation as well."
The Conservative Party of Lambda seeks to preserve what is good and valued in our society as we reject the homophobia and bigotry found in countries whose shores we left to create this model nation state
"We hope to win a majority of ridings in the first Parliamentary elections in October. As interim Leader of the Tory Party, I look forward to a spirited debate with the Leader of the Liberal Party of Lambda, when he or she is elected at their Organisational Meeting.", the interim PM announced at a press conference, today.

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