Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The interim Provisional Government today passed, and Royal Assent was obtained for the new Lambda Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The Supreme Court of Lambda also affirmed by unanimous vote, the codification of all laws in full conformation with the new Constitution.
The other laws passed by the Provisional Parliament are as follows:
1) The Lambda Marriage Act.....which grants any two adult persons the right to contract marriage in the Dominion of Lambda. The law also grants any citizen or non-citizen to contract a legal marriage within the virtual boundaries of the Dominion of Lambda.
2) The Lambda Hate Crimes Act.......which guarantees that hate crimes are first degree felonies and are punishable severely according to the Federal Penal Code. Any crime that includes provable cause that the assault was motivated by hatred based on established criteria.
3) The Lambda ENDA law.......guarantees that discrimination in Lambda for the reasons specified are illegal. This law includes protections for gender identity as well as psychosexual orientation.
4) The Lambda Uniform Code of Military Justice......guarantees freedom for all psychosexual orientational Lambda citizens and differing gender identity.....can openly serve in the Lambda Armed Forces and the Royal Lambda Mounted Police.
The Provisional Parliament also codified the existence of the Liberal Party of Lambda; the Conservative Party of Lambda; and provided for elections during the entire month of October for the federal parliamentary elections.
The Provisional Parliament also passed legislation for the printing of Dominion of Lambda tee shirts and other insignia items for the identification of Lambda citizens. The Parliament also formed a committee to investigate the printing of Certificates of Citizenship and Passports for the Dominion of Lambda.

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