Sunday, September 6, 2009


My mother would tell you that my love of geography began with philately. Stamp collecting was my hobby, no my passion as a young boy. My collection began in 1955, and my supplier was the H.E.Harris &Co. and they would send me packets " on approval" for about $1.50 a packet...and my allowance was $2.00 weekly, earned by doing a series of chores. My collection has grown in value, and in 54 years, and in a few years, will introduce the hobby to our son.

Italy has two "postage stamp" nations...the Vatican City State and the Republic of San Marino. Andorra/Andorre is shared between Spain and France. France has the Principality of Monaco and of course, we have the Principality of Liechenstein. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is too big and part of Benelux to merit that designation. There are also two postage stamp kingdoms in subsaharan Africa.

Lambda is only a postage stamp as any virtual nation can be. It can take whatever space and dimension needed to accomplish its goals.......freedom and equality for all GLBT peoples worldwide. Like Israel with its call to all the members of the tribes, to accept its rightful citizenship, so with us as well.

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  1. I have the complete 1937 UK and Commonwealth GVIR coronation series in mint condition...the 1948 tour....and the 1953 coronation series for the entire world...also mint condition...and I have the EVIIIR mint set as well.
    There are some interesting sets that I have, including all Third Reich stamps in mint condition. To think, it was allowance money and birthday and Christmas gifts that will secure our son with additional pleasure in years to come.