Sunday, September 6, 2009


Prospective citizens of Lambda. Dual nationality is permitted. So is your choice of provincial residence. Now Wilde Province is mostly gay men, and Toklas, mostly lesbian.....and what about King Province....well, established by the straight and gender identity community. The divisions are real and simultaneously artificial. We are, after all, a commonwealth...where we find unity in our diversity.

The GLBT community has unique cultural contributions from both psychosexual orientation and gender identity. Within those communities are gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgendered liberals and conservative persons. We have supportive heterosexual family and friends....and of course, children of ours who are heterosexual as well.

You have lots of work to do. Provincial legislatures must be established. Premiers must be elected from the majority party. Provincial capitals need to be established and of course, named for posterity. The Governor General needs Lieutenant Governors appointed in each province.

Shall we get started. Sign up....and petition for citizenship. That is the first step. The Liberal Party or the Conservative Party of Lambda seek recruits from the citizenry....not to mention candidates for seats in the Ridings. Total freedom and equality is a process....not a finished product.

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