Saturday, September 19, 2009


You know the joke. The masochist says, " beat me", and the sadist merely replies, "no". The political joke about American liberal/progressive political masochism, is that the joke is on the American sheeple.
This commentary may be directed to the American health/insurance reform debate, but it would be rather incomplete not to include the many GLBT issues discussed frequently in these essays.
There is no one who doubts that there will be 60 senators who are, or in the case of two, who will caucus with the Democrats. Admittedly, Sanders of VT is a true leftist, but Lieberman of CT is a right winger. It is true that MA Governor DeVal Patrick will appoint Michael Dukakis to the Senate, and every day one prays that Senate President pro tem Robert Byrd lives to breathe another day in an ailing 91 year old body.
You have a significant caucus of phony Democrats in the Senate recruited by Chuck Schumer of NY, as had Rahm Emmanuel, then in House leadership, recruited those phonies in the House - both to obtain a phony majority in both houses. The Hammer had gerrymandered the entire Congress to make Corporate Republicans win, or assuredly, only Corporate Democrats as an alternative win.The hypocrisy about the GOP strategy fails even the most low-grade smell test.
It is putrid, yet the Corporate Media repeats the mantra of respectable opinion on a 24/7 basis, as if our olfactory capacity only sensed pleasant fragrances. After all, there is NO real journalistic media. There are the Corporate Brahmans General Electric, Westinghouse, Viacom, Time Warner, Disney, and of course, the most obvious News Corporation. They kept the name of the non-profit news networks they raped, and formed into competitive for profit infotertainment sites.
We often speak about how they have effectively used Plato's "revolution within a form" to their great advantage.Political masochism is accepting the lies, the hypocrisies, and the absolute betrayal of your party's principles. It was about remaining silent and subordinate when the single payer was removed by secret accords between Corporate Brahmans and the White House. It was about accepting the canard of a public option, and then removing that option altogether. It is about "triggers" that are just sleight of hand or bait and switch tools used to kill true reform. Triggers are the only weapons never fired by an MIC-controlled Congress.
After all, Ike wanted to say....the Military, Industrial, Congressional Complex.Do you ever wonder why liberal and progressive wusses say nothing when frauds like Max Baucus and Kent Conrad speak about the budget? Do you want to vomit when you know that the Department of Defence and its surrogates in the Department of Homeland Security gobble up the plurality of our funds without an ounce of cutbacks? What makes political triangulators, centrists and conservatives regardless of label, and especially Democrats, have no fear in betraying their base?
Howard Dean and Jay Rockefeller are absolutely correct. The physician and the Social Register elite whose family includes a late first cousin who was AR governor and an uncle who was a vice president of the US and NY governor in the GOP, know that this bill that will ultimately pass without public option or one with a trigger device that will do nothing in perpetuity. This is the bill written by lobbyists, passed by a Corporate Congress, for the Corporate Brahmans - and after Wall Street bailouts.....the ultimate economic, political and cultural rape of the American Sheeple.Governor Dean and others say it correctly.
If Obama folds like a cheap suit to the Corporate Republican Snowe and Collins and the Corporate Democrats, he deserves defeat on this bill and a liberal primary opponent in 2012, if not outright defeat for re-election, IMO.Liberal economists correctly state that the Corporate Brahmans, without restraints or phony triggers, will create an eventual duopoly. Rates will increase, and the American sheeple will be fined.
The high risk patients will be put in a compulsory high risk pool. This is horrendous, and the price you pay when you have no real zealous liberals in power.....and only triangulating centrists and conservatives....for to these men, like Barack Obama, it is all about compromise and capitulation without is simply, as Donald Trump says, the "art of the deal."
The Leader of the Conservative Party of Lambda, the Provisional Prime Minister, delivered a speech about his former Liberal party affiliation in Canada and Democratic liberal party affiliation in the United States. His address follows"

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