Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Liberal Party of Lambda seeks to create a progressive vision for the Dominion of Lambda as it forms not only its first Parliamentary government, but attempts to inculcate those values in to the culture of our nation as GLBT's nation state. Whereas the Tory party seeks to place emphasis on the individual, the Liberal party seeks to place emphasis on the community, the corporate, the socialist state. These two visions of nationhood can create both dynamic tension and provide the Lambda citizen with choices on which to place the responsibility of forming the government of the nation, and who will become the Crown's loyal opposition.

The Liberal Party of Lambda invites GLBT nationals from around the world to seek a Certificate of Citizenship as a dual national, and become a citizen of the Dominion of Lambda. We also invite you to consider your candidacy for the House of Commons from one of our three provinces.

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