Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Provisional Prime Minister Raymond S. Decelles-Smith has declared himself a member of the Conservative Party of Lambda. The former Liberal Canadian and American activist indicated that his social views identified the need for GLBT freedom and equality, but that he was a man whose views on family, faith and society in general are better suited within the Tory party.

To that end, the provisional prime minister is the leader of Lambda Conservative Party. He is also a candidate for the federal House of Commons from Wilde Province.

Ms. Sandra Lubrano, of Toklas has indicated a desire to run for premier of that province, and to seek a seat in the federal House of Commons from Toklas Province as a member of the Lambda Liberal Party. Ms. Lubrano also indicated a preference for the name "WOWie Land" for Toklas Province, named after the famed lesbian writer Alice Toklas, who was lifetime partnered with Gertrude Stein. A name change for a province requires a Constitutional amendment and approval by all other provinces in two subsequent parliaments. A provincial city or capital name change does not require that approval, however.

Candidates can declare themselves as soon as they receive Certificates of Citizenship for Lambda. The first 150 members with whatever majority will form the government, while the other party will be in loyal opposition.

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